Scroll to overcome obstacles when 'love' for the first

1. You can hurt a bit

Many of you girls are not prepared psychologically for the pain when a relationship first. However the feeling which does not significantly and not obsessed. Ask the enemy help you dispel that feeling by a foreplay slowly, gently and pressed each other more immediate posture test right the first time. Let yourself feel comfortable and enjoy the sublimation.

2. The first may not be as you expect

You don't expect that first must be incredibly amazing and staff. Great wall again! If this happens to you, don't worry because the rough at first, due to the feeling of pain and the surveyor will quickly vanish. Along with time and experience, you will know what to do and how to do sublimation.

3. Can you bleed or not

Not everyone bleed when first relationships. Bleeding is a sign that the hymen broke. However, the hymen may also be torn earlier in the course of your work, or by a collision. If you bleed, don't be too afraid because this is completely normal and will heal a short time later.

4. You will know what to do when entering the

You should ask yourself do fret as would when deciding "tasted the forbidden fruit"? The answer is you will know that when the battle. Although you can read the relevant information to prepare for myself but my first love of each person are not the same. Can you see the fear when started without preparing anything but once in, you will surely discover out himself what to do and how to do.

5. Do what you are comfortable with

Loose yourself and try to overcome the rice very compelling moments when "love". You do any work to ourselves more comfortable. If you want to turn off the lights, don't want to take off your shirt or just want to stay at a location, please do so. Don't do things you don't want to because it just makes you lose interest.

6. a glimpse of embarrassing

Even if you love him and you don't stress when making it, "love" was also inevitable keep rice, embarrassing. It absolutely is not the problem, and your thoughts can govern emotions, so please relax and skip the rice very compelling at first. You will find a way "to the top" If no longer bother to the first minute fumble.

7. Plan never good

Planning from A to Z for "love" first doubt was a good idea. The carefully prepared initially can cause you more stress and constantly think about it. When everything is not right as desired, you will feel disappointed. So best to let things happen naturally.

8. For the first time is not always a memorable anniversary

Many times the first hurdles, not something too special or sacred, but some people vice versa. Without a certain pattern for all, things you need is fun to enjoy moments of the party guy.

9. Let the enemy know what you want

Don't be afraid to say what you want when "love". Be open and let the guy know the thoughts and worries in the first. The guy must be very excited when you are the lead and let them know they need to do.

10. You should only "love" when ready

Don't force yourself to do it when you are not ready and also don't put yourself under pressure about anything. Just start when you feel everything is ripe.=