Sex experts tell you that 99% of men desire wives to explore but few dare to say it

Just every two weeks or if you're too busy, once a month, this technique will make your husband and wife 'sublimated,' and even yourself feel more loving than before, don't feel heavy when thinking about having to 'serve' her husband.

Perfect foreplay

Husband and wife work together - because men always want to be proactive when having sex, so you should not be passive but need to know how to work with your husband by kissing and using your hands to caress your body. husband.

Make your own impression

Most men are less emotional than women, but in 'sex', he will be very intense when his 'sensitive' areas are touched by you.


The skin is the most irritating place in the guy, so start stimulating him with strokes along the spine, touching the skin of the arms and chest during the 'love'. of two people.

Round 3

Round 3 is actually very sensitive in him, so you just need a few gentle massage movements with fingers and tongue here that you can easily help him sublimate.

Ancient area

Stimulation into the neck would have a strong immediate effect, and he might shiver with interest. To begin, place a gentle kiss on this place.

Inside the ear

Stimulation in the ear can make him 'bustle', you can start by whispering some provocative hints and 'dark' stories that warm up his curiosity . Besides is the flexibility of the tongue, you will bring warmth, hot breath that makes him unable to 'float'.

Thigh in

Very few women actually 'explore' the inner thighs of men. Therefore, he will find it interesting to have you take care of it.

Besides, when you massage this area, you will increase the amount of blood there, causing his desire to be stimulated.


There are two points on the arm that can stimulate his desire: the upper part of the forearm and the inside of the arm. Because the upper part of the forearm is very sensitive because there are many hair follicles containing many nerves.


Wet, deep kisses are sometimes the simplest and sexiest way to get him excited to get involved. Move those kisses on his face, explore his mouth, tongue, tease him with the tip of your tongue with different rhythms, he will definitely not leave you alone.