Some foods cause women not to 'reject' the husband

The fruit butter

In vegetables containing folic acid and vitamin B6 are needed for life . By that folic acid provides the energy needed for sexual life, while vitamin B6 help stabilize hormones. This delicious fruit also contains magnesium-minerals needed for muscle contraction when reaching orgasm. The sisters this fruit will help regulate the progesterone is very beneficial to female physiology. The study also pointed out, the scents of butter fruit increases the blood circulation up to 5% make you feel excitement.


Is one of the magnesium rich foods, spinach also works dilates the blood vessels and increasing blood circulation, including the amount of blood leading to the seating area, do stimulate the libido.


This is a popular fruit types, easy to find, there are very many uses. But the special effects in the blanket Pillow talk and sisters does know? Bananas help unleash serotonin into the blood, causing emotional sublimation and soothe the feeling of fear.

In the banana contains bromelain, which helps the body to increase sexual desire and ability against the helpless condition. Riboflavin and potassium in the fruit also helps strengthen the body energy. Besides, potassiun in bananas is a mineral has the ability to increase the strength of the muscles, help you reach orgasm faster.


Foods that are rich in vitamin B6 and B5 will stimulate sexual desire at high levels for both the husband and the wife.


Eat celery, the sisters will find it extremely effective. By in this vegetable contains aldosterone-stimulating ability of women immediately.


Garlic can cause the sisters after learning this information wouldn't hesitate to allow it to be present in the meal. It has a characteristic strong sexual arousal, increasing blood circulation and improve sexual performance.

Dark chocolate-you-la

Dark chocolate-you-la is the stuff that we could name it "call it". The hospital's urological home Milan's San Raffaele through research results: women who eat chocolate regularly will have a higher sexual needs. In addition, chocolate also contains tryptophan, an amino acid needed to produce serotonin-drag feeling relaxed and happy.

Dried fruit and nuts

This is the sort of junk food is highly favored women. In addition to the effect of SIP for pleasure mouth, more specifically, the nuts contain arginine helps to improve circulation and relax blood vessels. From that which created the desire for intimacy.

Result sung

Did you know that the supplements are a great food source rich in amino acid has the ability to increase sexual desire that you should not miss? So, occasionally, make this fruit to complement your meal.


 Fruits are rich in zinc, essential for the process of sexual intercourse. If the female body has zinc concentrations are high, their excitement with the relationship the couple will be higher.


According to Dietitians in hospitals JessicaBaye MCGHealth in Augusta, Georgia (United States of America), oysters can have sexual effects by high zinc intake, do they contain stimulating testosterone concentrations-a type of hormone that increases sexual desire.

Wheat germ

Rich in vitamin E, wheat germ can actively support for you in the room. According to Dr. Lauri Grossman in America "Vitamin E is often called vitamin for" love ". Antioxidants prevent aging in wheat germ helps protect cell membranes from damage from free radicals and essential for hormone synthesis process ". In addition vitamin E also helps balance the levels of estrogen in the body.


This spicy spice has the ability to increase libido for women. Dr. Schwartx said: any factors that can stimulate the sweating response of the body, though in the palms or foreheads have the effect of increasing sexual desire. The spicy dishes such as chilli helps increase blood flow to the region, from which stimulate feelings of euphoria.

According to this researcher, the simplest way to enjoy spicy cuisine is pepper for a little while already mashed into several dishes in the evening.


A little bit of champagne is the perfect choice to increase arousal, thanks to the response of carbonate in this special drink. As a result, you do not need to drink more but the effect is still very good


While about 92% watermelon is water, 8% of the remaining few contained abundant nutrients for sexual health. Watermelon contains a compound called Citrulline as tolerated on the body will turn into arginine-relax blood vessels, increase sexual desire.


Is the sweet fruits and feel tempted, Orange can replace chocolate entice and seduce you into a warm adventure.


In centuries past, the home school and sex researchers have debated and discussed the importance of asparagus for improving what the bedding. Asparagus are foods rich in potassium, fiber and vitamins. It's also the food helps to improve the production of histamine in the body which are necessary for the "up" in both men and women.


The ancient rules encourage the newlywed couple drinking honey. It was like watching the secret to increase fertility and adds sweet spice for life marriage. Give it a try! Peace honey on hot tea instead of sugar and feel.=