Sperm helps prevent intestinal cancer

If the sisters have no life of sex in a long time, it is very easy to vaginitis, endometrial inflammation, inflammation of the fallopian tubes and a number of other diseases. According to the study, semen also has effects in the prevention of intestinal cancer. The sisters use condoms when having sex the incidence of colorectal cancer is higher than my sister using other contraceptive measures.

Sperm helps prevent cancer of the bowel

Sperm helps prevent intestinal cancer.

Semen has the effect of promoting the balance of hormones in females. From the research shows, the semen has certain effects to keep in balance the hormones in the body women, can prevent or minimize potentially causing cancer.

American researchers have conducted investigations throughout the 6 years for 300 women married showed semen works best in prevention of intestinal cancer.

Semen has the effect of promoting the balance of hormones in the female body. One is can the semen itself contains little less Estrogen, on the other hand not excluding sin sexually active brings useful things for females, rectal cancer triggers is largely related to eating too essential and deadlock defecation.

Thin here the doctor at New York University to give opinions on sexual matters, that sexual activity for women against depression, wrath.

The research staff New York University analyzed the secret thing in it and specify, in time, their bruised feelings of men will produce an active type, along with other hormones, through semen vaginal mucosa are absorbed and transferred to the blood of women and prevention of depression.

The next study of the researchers is to discover and search out ingredients antidepressant (anti depression) in nature, trust that will have influence in the treatment for depression (depression).

Semen can kill bacteria

Most of us know that sperm make pregnant sister. Foreign doctors, in a biological experiment has unexpectedly discovered that male semen contains a substance important antimicrobial-cytoplasm sperm. It is a special feature of the protein, once penetrated into the cells of bacteria, can prevent the bacteria's RNA synthesis.

Reduce pain

Real sex has the same effect as aspirin. Usually after reaching the pleasure, you will feel soreness, leaving body, you often mocked his "old, kidney failure, and then". In fact, most of this is just a muscle aches, just like the situation when you run 5000 meters.

However, the Medical Center was certified when sex will stimulate the central nervous system of the brain secretes a chemical called polyphenols effective pain relief, help the amino. Don't doubt effect the incredible efficiency of the sex. Arthritis, stomach, back, nervous headaches, migraine, toothache pain are all equally.

Semen against certain infections colds

One has to check the Gynecology in 100 married women has 30 years of sexual activities per week, 1-2 times, results found that, of them only 10% incidence of gynaecological disease as vaginitis, cervical inflammation, inflammation of the lining of the uterus and fallopian tubes, a lot lower than the "lazy" sexual activity. This was due to the student's sexual activity and normal, each from 1-2 times to have her husband's sperm into the vagina, through the cervix go slowly into the fallopian tubes, the uterus and should already have the antiseptic effect, detoxification, very helpful for this Department.

Cure insomnia

For the sisters, sleep is a most effective method of beauty.

For the sisters, sleep is a most effective method of beauty. We often hear the saying "sleep spa", demonstrates her sister for sleep is very important. Well, we all want to have a deep sleep, not a Berry, but for many reasons we have at insomnia.

After experiencing a warm salty fellatio, the guy will ejaculate, this is also at their peak, this causes are euphoria, agitation of the Sisters was relaxing. The muscles after a period of continuous operation are also relaxing, so natural sleep soon, help my sister cure insomnia obnoxious. In addition, the grace of charity as warm, salty, then the sleepy complacency as comfortable easy to over.

The semen helps enhance the reproductive health of women

After love, the semen of males will penetrate into the vagina of women, prostaglandins in semen help promote muscular contractions in the female genitalia happen steadily, leaving the sisters reached the pleasure, which maintains that salty sex life.

Semen has certain effect against depression, memories of wrath

Recent New York University doctor giving opinions on sexual matters, that sexual activity for women against depression, wrath.

Semen can reduce stress

The semen helps reduce stress in my sister.

The doctor discovered that some sisters before marriage has suffered stress and intense menstrual tension, they were treated in many ways but do not bring results. But after marriage, nervousness, menstrual cramps of premenstrual syndrome of sisters tapered off and slowly disappear. The researchers discovered that men's semen, having regard to the intrusion rule into the vagina of the sisters.=