Stimulate guy nowhere the room

1. Visual

Try the Visual attraction of the guy with her beauty. Women after marriage is often less concerned with external appearance. They still think that the husband does not notice those things and nonchalantly wearing Pajamas Bo teh United going around the House or indifferent to these delicacies as "waist" bread is increasingly alarming. Fitness training, sports, food science is the way for you to be neatly groomed, toned.

Of course, the beauty of the woman, not just for beauty or measurements of the standard three rounds as the internal model y, confident demeanor, rich new vitality is what easy records imprint in the minds of most guy.

To do this, my sister should always give yourself time to rest and relax, helps the body to be "recharged" again the spiritual energy from which also become comfortable, elated. In addition, clothes, hygiene is also very important. Although the wife but the luộm thuộm, negligent of you will make very easy guy motivated.

2. The sense of smell

According to the scientists, the olfactory bulb is easy to awaken the passion in the most powerful faction. Please make yourself a true own scents, it's your own smell, characteristic to the guy. Not necessarily used to perfume by it easily cause unnatural feeling, just a bit of sandalwood essential oil aromatherapy save on clothing, scarves you gown will make an impressive guy, longing, sighing and ... enthralled at would not know.

3. Touch

Men would also like to be "bumping" into a she has smooth skin, full of life. Please note the full body skin care by sleeping deeply, enough sleep and natural vitamin supplement with fruit, vegetables. Periodic massages every week or face mask is also a natural effective ways to keep your skin bright and always fresh.

4. Hearing loss

Not just women love by ears that even the gentlemen, too, he could easily "knock" before words love lightness, softness. He would always look forward to meeting you if deemed to be heard the words only I could craft filled with love, under the lights in the cozy room. And of course, with a wife at any time on the bed also grumbled about children, money, then he will just hope "love" to the end.

5. Taste

"The road to the heart of man go through the stomach", so you take advantage of this point to the attachment "keep" your man's heart. Pay attention to the kitchen over by the delicious dish your hand processing, learn a few more dishes can stimulate the libido of young. Be prepared for a box of chocolate. The libido will increase because the taste of chocolate to help liberate the serotonin in the brain-type hormones include the feeling of relaxation and excitement, similar to when a crush on someone. Your investment will certainly not useless.=