Thank you, the wife of 'hungry sex'

The center of the marriage and freezing in the matter of his Gentler sister, bedding (Dong da, Hanoi) just laughed "since his sad pregnant Bi cu to date, well over than 3 years and that the number of times the couple to" touch "each other very little. On her pregnancy, pregnant, eat what is vomited out. For her husband is afraid to close. And because their children abstinence. After birth the couple will warm salty back but ... "She paused while, on the surface of the eyes were Milky waterline. She tells: "I was doing all the way to" seduce "her husband" evoked "that you keep lukewarm apathy. Sometimes, he turned to "do over the tangerines" for most of the responsibility and then rolling out to sleep to wear themselves painfully beautiful.

"And then, followed the tired children, with work, with the family, back to the physiological needs are not addressed his inhibiting found, want to scream, wanted to flee, to which would not do in action. Then getting the wrong lũi, didn't want to talk to anyone. Then we have to treat depression in a fairly long time "-Gentle sister confided.

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Unlike her sister, Ms. Sage Spring in Hoang Mai, Hanoi was "starving" in a different way. Wedding night, he rode that tea alcohol slept like the dead. And then the day after that, 's not out for whatever reason, he always refused my sister with the reasons put forth every effort as childish fear she tired, afraid she woke ... not "tamper, Oh God my wife".

Then, he rotated the work away from home. the new few months about being 1-2 days. Each time you go, she again presented the "small favor" waiting with hope 2 husband and wife will have a warm, salty night unexpectedly results not as she wishes. For each active sister lovingly, caressing the back exposing the evidence "has not yet come to the market has run out of clean money". See so, I encourage you to come visit, to heal you just ignored, then "im like rice pouring Bo" made Gentler sister extremely depressed. She said she saw herself as she does her husband, so the marriage becomes bland.

My husband loves job than love wife

The same scene was her husband starved, but the case of Audrey in hoan Kiem, Hanoi again all the more special. Married life of sister looked from the outside who also found very perfect. Tall doors, good husband, making money as you water, make sure you are beautiful then and resourceful. Just the thing, "in the new blanket blanket had known louse". Sister husband with a passion for the job than his wife.

Just arrived home as he embraced the computer and miết with her it is not removable. Leave your wife want to do what. Rice concrete wife up the mouth, you just ate is back "to pick up the ass from the dining table onto a table computer, then buried the head on it" in the words of sister ever since.

So many times she was born out of boredom. Catering, cleaning, laundry, bathing the baby done she climbed the bed watching television or clutching the phone press the press read to read a little bit and then go to sleep. Leaving husband 2-3 a.m. and slept on the bed figure like ...

Many sad, she just sighed at: "Has long since I no longer see the gesture Cuddles, hugs kisses tight or dynamic ones touches of her husband. I also don't remember "close" is the best ever. Perchance to couple three months? Life like this it's true! "

And the response to be demonstrative of the husband

After how many efforts to motivate her husband to meet expert consulting psychology to salvage the marriage, the husband, Mr. Sage, retiring new presentation "On his wife pregnant, her pregnancy so I'm abstaining for her. Long long I "want" tuco, turned to her, just wish she caress caress I a moment is also the comforting but that she didn't suffer. Just push me out, call for fear of affecting the children, calling for tired, calling for fear my smell ... Long ago, I also do not understand why I am no longer "inspired" when is next to his wife. Maybe, because I'm banned too long? ".

Husband left weak by Spring that the physiological loss of inferiority, almost every time his wife both felt worried, "I fear I'm not his wife was happy, don't fulfill the responsibilities of a man. Take the cure? Things that I left out of the face of a man? Each of the visits, I know it is a very short period of time and precious but I deliberately buried his head on the parties meet in order to avoid "met" wife ". By the things which he gradually long born diseases are very difficult to treat.

The last case is the British School's (sister's husband), he explained the reason for "starving" on long's wife is the reason how busy work, family economic pressure. "I know, my wife suffering. but know what to do. A youth that does not bear the economic business of the elder children will not enjoy what good from three parents. Do all day, all night and then rotation, fraud, tired of his wife were soundly. So I ask what other stories set anymore "-uk School confided.=