The happy couple test through the sleeping posture

-Free posture:

Two people sleeping back and do not touch each other. Although this position may indicate the status separate and distant, but it is a sign of a couple has the connection but each individual independently of each other.

-The posture of intimacy:

The two faces together and close as expected immediately intimate, chat with each other on the bed.

-DVP posture:

The couple sleep face to face with each other and wrap the legs into each other a few minutes before the split. According to experts on marriage, this posture shows the love between husband and wife. It is a sign of intimacy, harmony about love and sex between two people.

-Knit hand posture

This is especially preferred posture of many young couples. This can be the absolute comfort and sleep of both people. My husband supine, prone wife absolutely, hands of two interwoven with each other. Some doubles are not comfortable when hugging the Green taken together in your sleep and just like a little touch up your body. Hold hands evokes the familiar, comfortable and daring, such as a code of their own.

-The face in the chest of his wife when husband sleeping

This posture is very popular and many young couples "adopt" thoroughly. According to them, this posture can be maintained throughout the night. Entwine usually occurs on the stage of love crazed beginnings, when you so passionately only wanted to enter into each other. Many young couples to marry longtime often back this posture at times jubilant. But some of the couples still do not always give up. They too wrapped so dependent and tangerines are inseparable.

-The inverted spoon (the husband is hug his wife):

The men hugged his wife back after the quite popular. It reflects the traditional view of a man's protection for her man. This posture is a sign that the two men have the life strong and sexual safety in their relationship.

-The inverted spoon (his wife is hug my husband):

This posture shows women much burden responsibility in relationships and more protection.

-The mistress

Two people wrap the foot on each other throughout the night. It shows the demand to be touched frequently and commonly found in the early stages of romantic couples marriage-when two people could not bear the separation.

-Romantic posture

The woman lay hands on his chest and head pillow my husband sleep. This is the common position following the fellatio of newlywed couples and also is a way of grouping the flame of love, the romance in the relationship of two people.

-The "God's wife":

Woman sleeping on a bed in hand, spread legs spread while her husband lies a roll angle, even feel like coming down off the bed. It shows the sleeping bed is that of wife, mate comfortable with that and my wife had the space to his freedom.

-The "husband" King:

In contrast to the posture on the dominant position, the bed in this posture is the husband. The wife happily cede the position master for her husband both in bed and out of their relationship.

-Let go of the postures reply

Is the posture that the husband is very relaxed, the wife is down, embracing her husband's shoulder. The husband heads face up, having a strong ego and confidence. The couple often preferred this posture, as it comes up the strong commitment in the early stages of the marriage. Wife husband shoulder hugs, reveal themselves, expanded to embrace all colliding.

-The love

Is the posture that the wife supine, prone, husband drop flat into the wife. This posture expresses love, absolute attention for you life. The man lies with this posture has temperament determined, dared to do and very successful. But to say that they sleep face down so might also be due to the habit from small. This means that he is still a child. You need to suffer and endure difficult personality dimensions.=