The nutritious food but the culprit reduces desire in women

The coffee

In coffee contains high amounts of caffeine, increases anxiety, inhibits nerves that put you in a state of stress. Since then affect sexual desire.

Energy drink

Energy drinks contain an ingredient called quinine. This substance can reduce libido, so consider it carefully before using it.


Chocolate contains anandamide and phenylethylamine. These two substances cause the body to produce endorphins - hormones that help us feel happy. However, chocolate does contain methylxantines. This substance has the ability to reduce libido.

Fried food

Trans fats in fried foods may reduce libido in both men and women. It can reduce sperm count, make it move slower and interfere with fertilization.

Deep sea fish and seafood

Marine seafoods can accumulate in waterways and toxins, which can affect the endocrine system and reduce hormones that regulate sexual function. Therefore, you should only eat sea fish in the upper water such as salmon, shrimp, shellfish, white meat fish. Predatory fish such as swordfish, shark, grouper, seabass, etc. should be avoided.


Licorice is often used as a medicine in Eastern medicine. However, this herb contains phytoestrogens, a compound that has been known to affect libido in both men and women. This substance plays an important role in maintaining our desires.

In addition, licorice also contains gluxigrin - a substance that reduces the male hormone, can cause impotence, impotence in men.

Red meat

Some types of red meat can cause imbalance in natural hormones in the body if you eat too much, especially if you eat poor quality meats, have antibiotic residues, growth substances .

In addition, red meat contains many proteins that easily cause indigestion and sleepiness, losing interest in "love".


Many couples use alcohol to increase their interest in love. However, drinking a lot of alcohol can make it difficult to achieve orgasm. Not only that, drinking alcohol will make you sleepy faster. Therefore, should only drink in moderation in moderate amounts, do not get too addicted.