The school situation of call girl couples old world

But life is not always as beautiful as the fairy. The truth is that in the world there are people 70 years old and still have to go to the craft could not imagine: call girl!

World has ever considered pairs of twins Louise and Martine Fokkens is the oldest call girl world. They each claimed half a year ago retired but hours wouldn't "rehabilitation" that go back to the old craft. Call girl age 70, that's something unbelievable.

Do girls call because my husband hurt.

Fokkens family is not the poor hungry to the point that they are going to sell look parki feed the mouth. According to Louise, they came in a middle-class family in the Netherlands. Their parents born to children but the well-off should anyone be eating the full study. Maybe the sisters have a happy life but the life back to push them into the way not clean well just because they have the love in person.

When Louise to the age counter stats, there are many boys to Italy. Parents want her to even get a crowd will really catch but inexplicably Louise back stabbing early love a bum near the home. Don't understand this guy let go of sugar suite or magic word that Louise say as cigarettes pour could not end. Despite the advice of his parents, Louise decided to be retrieved by someone you love and to then pay the price.

The couple first time happy but also they born a child squinting boy then the hard life. During the 1960s a century ago, the Dutch economy experienced a severe recession and unemployment rampant. Husband of Louise joined the unemployment army entertaining and drinking. Louise in the House only looks the hordes and homemaker should also not's money.

Siblings, especially her brother Martine though assistance but don't seep into the tower. Squeeze, her husband Guy pulled his wife out of shoes. One night, the guy who built Louise up and said: "You have to bring money back to me otherwise, leave. I will lead the kids to go to other countries ". Louise confides: "I love my husband and doesn't want to lose you. I'm very afraid of being left alone should agree to go find work. He let me work in brothels and say just do there don't tell anyone. For fear of losing the family should I accept work here ".

Louise did not speak half the lyrics with their parents for fear they remonstrate that she confided to Martine. Louise asked me to do the same but not girls that make only clean the room. What are the two twins of Tweet each other to a pimp involved brothels in Amsterdam to people working, people clean up the room.

In the first day, Louise was trembling fear when the Manager asked out. Before now, Louise is not yet exposed anyone but her husband should not be able to imagine the scene to go to bed with a guy. See my sister run up because of fear, Martine hinted in the same to have her, I have to fear. See two lovely sisters identical again hinted at the same room the glad not to where for most and are willing to spend the money to get the bold happy surprise and fun stuff like that.

The first guests in the life of two sisters who also courtesy should not cause her to fear or obsessed. First, they don't hesitate to finalist trót what do more times two, three times. She also didn't work Martine cleanup served that moved to the sister girls for fun.

However, after a time, the parents are two sisters discovered the shameful story of her two daughters. Them to brothels yanked yelled at even worse two kids do ruined his manners, family honor and declared from the back. The family was turned away, no other way is the two sisters have to blindly go forward, continue the path of making the call girl.

Serving 355,000 visitors?

Thanks to the beauty and the same as two drops of water, they become expensive training in the capital Amsterdam. These gentlemen have dissipated before arrival of tulips, then have to visit the activities to enjoy at the same time two special flower. Principles are two sisters building right from the first job is to "have the same boyfriend, have the money together". They only accepted the invitation to go solo if there both my sister and me on the same. That principle is maintained during 50 years and whether they followed the next 3 customers or a 1 time then you must also have the children to make new flange fit song.

There are a number that are sisters Fokkens given leads who are startled. They said that in the past half century took a total of 355,000. Do simple calculation then the next day they average a 20? Louise told the truth this is confusing because the period of energy then the next day they both hundred guests is common. Every 10 minutes as they replaced the famous customers because nobody attacked two women with their ghost trick trivia powerful massage. Even five the same weekly, they also make these people must pull out soon.

Mrs. Louise Breeze: "then, we didn't have the internet to post names such as now. We also didn't post newspaper ads that turn customers wait still stretched on so do yours do tired ro. Most of the guests heard a rumor that we should pull to a variety of guests from Eastern Europe to Africa, the Americas. We do not distinguish which always wholeheartedly guests afternoon ". However, early back to make money so the two sisters live quite real need and not accumulated.

When middle-aged know think, knows about this at for shows at the old must and if yes then remuneration also just enough to eat, and then clear it out. Addition to their guests, at 60, is only the instrument he a widower and many sisters waiting minutes sitting in the window of the red light district all day that never was. At this point they feel sorry for money squandered in the past. Suffering for are the children never see them because nobody wanted to show off my mother, grandmother doing red-light district. Fortunately the two sisters are still together, still cry together should reduce lock new life.

In March this year, they claimed to be retired because of a low part too, in part because of Louise old age should "feel pain during labour". However, few months later, only to return back to the old craft Martine because not doing then no money raising. Now, if met, the sisters still have the face but only alone labor Martine also for massage and conversation at Louise. Martine said: "many people advised us on the nursing home but we do not want to. We still love this profession, still want to bring joy to the people who need us. Only when no one else wants us, needs us, when it is not needed, the two sisters I will have to go to the nursing home ".=