Unfinished story was half crying laugh only at the clinic for gentleman


Every relationship is keen pain

BS Trinh Hong Quan-Hanoi, said, phimosis dock is just a small defects of men can fully overcome by the minor cosmetic surgery important but so much bad bad bad cry laughing.

As in the case of the uk Delegation in Hanoi, Hanoi Office this year was 23 years old. He Ha to visit in the clinic because when penis erection is feeling pain in the foreskin.

At first, he just felt slightly uncomfortable every morning when wake the penis in erection status. But when someone loves and needs sex he Ha see you're having a problem quite seriously.

Each time near you daughter, "little boy" feel sharp pain made him can't be related. This condition is repeated approximately 2 months, your girl for that you have problems and concerns will affect the life of the couple later should a parting claim the ink.

More serious cases on the British Royal Family, Painted in Lam Thao, Phu Tho was in no condition to be relations with his wife in two years time just because of the lack of understanding about phimosis dock syndrome.

Before the wedding, he never Paints by keeping sex for lovers. When 2 people are eager to enjoy the taste of the wedding night he Painted shout up because of the pain, abdominal writhing, clutching the blood flowing drenched bed.

Naturally, "playing" wedding vows. His wife Paint her husband encouragement take the examination but do shame should he refuse. However, during the 2 years he is in any condition to his wife's pain tears at torrential bleeding.

By this time, could not stop again by "boy" has been floating lumps of skin, thick foreskin up, texture and gradient, pus flow ... you're a towel wrapped down Hanoi look to Gynecologic clinics.

After the visit to the uk, doctor Trinh Hong Quan said, he'd just been phimosis dock which only requires a simple trick is to be able to handle it.

However, due to too long and many times hurt when trying the relations should "small boy" has the infection, gangrene, even if to long can progress into cancer. Listen to your doctor says, he Painted not from major commodities because of his serious condition.

Phimosis dock watch penis cancer

Zheng said the Red Army doctor, circumcision is the layer of skin covering the outside of the head of the penis and urethra. When the young men, the foreskin is relatively long and covered the entire penis.

When the babies grow up, the head of the penis will to, the foreskin will become over exposing the top of the penis and urethra hole.

Can phimosis is a condition leather foreskin not missed completely out of the top of the penis be affect sexually active and hygienic condition.

On the impact of pathological phimosis, sorrel BS Army said, when having this disease, men will face the following troubles:

-Offensive or pain in the penis when sexually active. Even many cases hospitalized because of torn skin, off brake, bleed massively.

Phimosis dock also makes the penis more sensitive males normally leads to premature ejaculation condition.

-Phimosis Dock without remedy from small will affect the development of the penis due to circumcision always airtight penis, hindering the development of the penis.

Therefore, those with phimosis can dock will encounter shorter penis condition and smaller than normal.

-Due to the condition of foreskin too cramped, not flipped out should be excreted by the dirt can accumulate under the skin, close the residue back to cause infection. This situation will increase the risk of infection through the sexual route, even as the risk of cancer of the penis.

According to the study found 80-90% of cancers of the penis is due to phimosis dock. Therefore, this disease is not necessarily subjective which should be processed as soon as possible right from the small.=