Want to warm up the room, do not miss this delicious and nutritious chicken food

Golden feather hen 1 child, 20g dung humiliation, 20g nostalgic paint, restoring 6g, 150g ordinary rice. Chicken cleaned, removed organs.

Hoai Son, restoring spirit, humiliation, drying and grinding into powder. Put the flour in the pot, pour chicken, rice, add water to cook porridge. Eat in the morning and afternoon. Uses: treat weakened blood gases, lightheadedness, flower eyes, eat less, back pain, impotence.

Chicken ginseng stewed, goji bile is suitable for people with kidney damage, poor blood

100g black chicken, cordyceps 10g, nostalgic 30g. Put them all in a pot, add the stewed water and season with spices, divide and eat several times a day. Uses: treatment of failure temperament.

Black chicken 50g, goji berries 10g, fresh ginger a few slices. Put everything in a pot, simmer, taste and then serve hot. Use: treat kidney damage, poor blood.

Black chicken 1 chicken, 15g white lotus seed, 15g impaired, 150g glutinous rice. Put all in the pot, add water to cook porridge several times a day. Uses: treatment of sperm.

Chicken curry 1 small child, corn beard 30g, cordyceps 10g, ginger 5g, onion 10g, salt appropriate amount. Curry chicken clean, remove the heart; Wash the corn stubble, place in a pot, pour in some water, cook for 25 minutes, filter for water; cordyceps soaked in wine, washed for chicken belly; Sliced ​​ginger, sliced ​​onions.

Put chicken into bowl, pour corn stubble water, take bowl of rice and place in a saucepan of water for about 45 minutes. Eat once a day, divided into 2 meals. Use: treat kidney failure positive.

Chicken nutritious egg dishes.

In Eastern medicine, chicken eggs calculate the average, has the effect of nursing the mind, sedative. Eastern medicine also said that egg whites were slightly cold, the yolks were warm. The yolk has a cooling effect, the yolk has a tonic effect on the blood. Therefore, this is a nutritious and balanced food.

According to Oriental medicine, goji berries are sweet, neutral, rich in carotene, vitamin C, vitamin B1, vitamin B2, niacin, sitosterol β-, linoleic acid and zinc, help strengthen the kidneys and support effectively. for the digestive system. Zinc is an essential micronutrient for men and works very well for people with kidney disease.

Dish cooked with chicken eggs helps treat tonic blood, low heat. Use 30g goji berries, 1 chicken egg, add water to boil the eggs in the usual way until cooked. Remove the shelled eggs and continue to cook for a while into the egg custard. Eating continuously for 3-5 days per session will bring positive results. Then stop, then be able to continue to eat new batches, depending on the specific condition of each person, helps gentlemen kidney transplant very good.

In addition to goji berries eggs can also apply goji berries in the glorious kidney tonic, very good for men. Goji berries can soak alcohol as medicinal wine as follows: goji berries 120g, 60g dong quai, 180g field. All finely chopped, soaked with 3 liters of wine 35-40 degrees. Take 2 times, each 30ml.