What men like from women when having sex - the answer makes women surprised

95% of men in heterosexual relationships quickly orgasm, while the percentage among heterosexual women is 69%. With gay relationships, the "climax" rate is similar to that of heterosexual men, but only 12% of lesbians can only have orgasms.

According to science group AsapSCIENCE, lesbian sex lasts on average 30-45 minutes, while heterosexual women only spend 15-30 minutes. According to the scientific team, there was a slight difference in sexual stimulation between sexes but the brain activity in sex was the same.

That is, stimulation into the brain increases the rate at which the heart rate increases, blood flow to the genitals increases. Both men and women fall asleep after orgasm because the brain enhances the prolactin sleep hormone around the body.

Canadian scientists conclude that sexual excitement in both sexes can be different because of physiology, anatomy and psychology, but all three play a huge part in enjoying the climax.

Be proactive and more intense

The meekness and shyness of a woman in the bedroom is something that should not be in modern times today because if you are always passive, your husband will be very bored.

Make 'variations' of yourself more diverse, sometimes shy, shy, exciting and intense sometimes. Sometimes you just need to kiss him passionately, take the initiative to slide your fingers up his sensitive area or express through his breathing . and you will see that with this way of making love, he is 'addicted' How come I am.

According to feng shui experts, when we lie or sleep in a bed, you should not place furniture under the bed.

Physical intimacy is important in love

If a woman is constantly connected to her husband, it will help him boost confidence and improve performance in many aspects of life. And when there is a gap between emotional and physical, men will feel rejected and insecure. Intimacy is therefore an important element of a relationship. If you have trouble connecting to each other, you need to see an expert.