12 Zodiac fear for what?

12 Zodiac fear for what?

Birch: fear compromise

Birch is the Zodiac brave for, in large part because they don't often think carefully before acting. They fear that he can't Act, is the second person or to abandon the vision and assertiveness to gratify others. When you want to do what Birch's hero; But if you stop them, or do they have to wait (as they very hot in a hurry) then the corpses Birch.

Taurus: fear of change

Taurus feels most comfortable with traditional and fixed schedule. They are very stubborn and hate to change their opinions about everything. With them, the most frightening thing is the sudden change that Taurus can't control. They like to think long, think carefully before changing, so when forced to quickly adapt to the things that they haven't planned, Taurus will panic.

Song: sadness bored

In the 12 Zodiac, Gemini is minded aggressive operations for congenital, has liked to do many things at once, always want to explore and learn, be entertained , and access to information. Often restless and impatient, most terrible thing with them is sadness. With Gemini, not what tired rather than wait the long ages have nothing to do, faced with things not diverse or the schedule unchanged.

Located: abandoned

Unlike the other offers, search Award emotional connection. They want to take care of people and get people to care. In any relationship, they also want the two sides to Exchange through the care and love . Left by loved ones-especially families and people-is the biggest fear of Cancer. If not to love and be loved, they cannot function normally.

Left by loved ones is the biggest fear of Cancer.

Lion: is suspended

Lions love to be others attention, affection-they like the feeling of being loved and respected. When people are not interested in them, or worse: If people forget the lion, do not put them on the plan, or when the Lions feel themselves not to be liked, not important in the life of other people, they will feel very bad.

Virgo: fear of chaos

Are organized and planned, Virgos like to control how things operate. Life becomes completely chaotic, the workload more voluminous, others do not follow the instructions of the Virgo or everything pours hot key is the nightmare of his life. Even when they do not neatly organized, in his head, Virgo always knew exactly whereeverything is.

Libra: To be alone

Is the arc of the relationship, Libra very much to communicate, interact with people makes them elated. They love nothing more than the love of the beautiful, fun friendship. To be alone, not the next render Libra off. If there's no one to rely on and support each other, they feel like I'm disoriented and worthless.

Scorpion: the helpless feeling

Scorpions always want to control-such as the control of ourselves that they are willing to share with other people, or emotions and how they reveal emotional. They are so afraid of feeling helpless before the relationships, situations or feelings-there when haunt. Just, what do they also are very serious, but the physical classroom.

Sagittarius: fear of commitment

Sagittarius always needs to escape, thus, they hate to commit. They do not want to be sure, that'd be forever changed the intentions whenever they want to. Signed labor contracts, bound in the relationship, is tied to a location, take care of children or pets-whatever people must accept responsibility and can not repudiation are making them afraid to run.

MA: do not be respected

The Ghost hates when they can't be seen seriously, listen-then, they feel tiny, invisible force. They need other people to respect and feel themselves have certain influence. Their nightmare is being viewed, often irreverent.

Aquarius: the fear of being imprisoned

With free spirit, psychology preferred rebellion, the biggest fear of Aquarius is imprisoned. Do not just want to be the delight to go to anywhere, at any time, they also want the freedom to think for themselves, be there own thoughts and perspectives on the world. Their progressive ideas, unique, and most importantly, they need the space to own a personal computer are comfortably sprung silk.

Pisces: Being overwhelmed

PISCES is simply unable to cope with "the real world". They hated the job and little trivial habits, old men, or the busy. They need to retreat and meditation to appreciate everything long, so with Pisces, is limited by such things as work, massive exercises really incredibly terrible.=