16 position grows Mole bring lots of luck to you

1. The Mole is located on top of the head

From within the womb, you brought the lucky destiny led many people to dream. If you get stuck, you will have to help you. Your life does not need to worry about "lack of lack of wear", while one must strive for many years, did you right from birth had the good life than others.

2. The Mole is in eyebrows

The Mole is in this position represents people destined to meet many of the Phu QUY. If the male is then very easy to power in hand, and if the females will bring good luck to my husband.

3. The Mole on his forehead

This is the mole, signs notice is that you will have a full House, your maximum extremely well.

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4. The Mole in the solar vents

See you out on the street to help or have developed resources from outside, you like abroad or emigrated to other places living, career development.

5. The Mole in the earlobes

Signs of the blessed fate, longevity and your maximum luck. If the ears have a mole that is indicate you are very smart, polite, also after the ear has the mole says wealth potential.

6. The Mole in the cheek

At work, people who have moles in cheeks often have power and status, easy to become a Manager, leadership, success.

7. The Mole in the upper lip

You will not worry about the "lack of lack of wear", are often delicious food tasting, receive regular invitations to eat.

8. The Mole in the lower lip

You are working very carefully, easily get the trust from people around.

9. Under the Chin has a mole

Indicates you will have homes or property in the near future, usually get help from people.

10. On the chest has a mole

This is the sign that you have maximum digging flower high, emotional richness.

11. Under the chest has a mole

The Mole under left chest is a sign of who will have the money, the mole underneath the chest must be signs of people have homes.

12. The arms have the mole

Signal you are likely to make money and the financial management efficiency.

13. The Palms are moles

This is the location of the mole people, have the capacity to manage.

14. have Armpit Mole

Your maximum fine, peach flowers.

15. Mongolia has a mole

You are easy to take power, the spirit himself up very high and blessed.

16. Under the feet have the mole

This is considered the great cat's Mole, who has a mole under the feet often have a sustainable career and infinite wealth.=