2 things women absolutely must not do with men if not married, otherwise it will lose everything

Call the man a husband

If you are not married, do not arbitrarily call a man a 'husband' no matter how much you love them. Who knows, who you love wholeheartedly today, will join hands tomorrow with someone else? He even betrayed, stabbing into your heart a fatal knife?

Women do not think, call "wife - husband" is normal, showing love couple. It would be true if the two of them could get together later. If not, it will be completely wrong, because the other person is just a passerby, what is the right way to be called your husband?

Calling your boyfriend 'husband' is not a way to assert wise sovereignty. The feeling of being possessed sometimes excites men. But if too easy, he will despise you. Or if he is too rigid, he will feel trapped, even just wanting to get rid of you as far as possible.

Living under one roof

Living together under one roof, one heart "servicing" the man from a piece of food to sleep, he eventually abandoned you, providing another woman, is it worth it or not? Even if you are pregnant, he still wipes his hands off the responsibility. Wouldn't you be the most disadvantaged?

Wise women will never daydream: The latter will find a good man, accepting their entire past. By the harsh reality: men can accept women a husband life, but not live cohabiting. No husband is generous enough to tolerate a wife who has lived with another person, but not the righteous subject. Women, because of a weak and shallow moment, makes my life down. Is it worth it or not?

Women should remember

Whether ostentatious or silent, is love. Together for a few years or months, is also love. Go play a few times, no need to let the world know. Cook a few meals, where people look. Know how to love properly, don't sacrifice everything, give everything totally. And then later broken, will take pain, scarred heart, even the world laughed contemptuously in the face.