3 female armor is favored with the number of married men, living as the queen

Ox Age

Women of the Ox age were born with a heart of goodwill, a kind heart, a better temperament. In the early years, their life faced many difficulties and obstacles, the work was not favorable and smooth. However, the women of the Ox age are not easily discouraged. Their strong will, optimism and spirit have made men respect.

Therefore, it is not uncommon for the female Ox to choose to marry a husband with a successful career and strong character. After getting married, they were fortunate to have a rich life and happy happiness to the end of their lives.

Gradual Age

In fact, the ladies hold the tiger crystal very easily to become wealthy ladies. Because, this animal was born with the fate of wealth, enjoying the life of wealth and prosperity.

Moreover, when I was a child, I was very smart. So, the academic achievement of the destiny is excellent, and when you grow up you can easily get a good job.

Although the appearance of the lady holding the tiger is quite cold, but deep down in their souls, it is extremely warm and profound, causing others to fall in love. Because of that, when contacting this armor, economically qualified men will be strongly attracted by the destiny, unable to escape.

That is also the reason why old-age women are more likely to marry big-name husbands and have some blessings from their descendants.

Thin age

Women of Thin age easily become wealthy wives, because they are born with a wealth of riches and enjoy rich life. When I was a child, the women of Thin age were very intelligent, so their academic achievements were excellent, and when they were grown up, it was easy to get a good job.

The Thin girls from birth were a very clever and clever girl who looked rather cold but deeply in their souls were extremely warm and made others fall in love.

Because of that, when they come into contact with them, curious and economically qualified men will be strongly attracted by them to get rid of it. That is the reason why the Dragon girls often have the ability to get the big husband and the inheritance from three children.

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