3 kinds of erratic rain and sunshine, but make men passionate about their lives

Strong but weak

Strong, independent women always give off the air. Will surely win the respect of men and make them attractive, not take their eyes. The strong point of independent women is that they do everything on their own, rely less on and relying on whom. They do not want to be with other people, be it gifts or money.

But no matter how strong, women are still "weak women", there will certainly be moments of fatigue and weakness. Now they are like a rose trembling in the wind, giving men the feeling of having to spread their arms to protect and protect their whole life.

Hien but personality

Good women are sure to be filial to their parents, know how to treat their needs, and complete things, to be very popular with others. In communication, the matured woman knows to be silent at the right time and speak at the right time, the words are always soft, not ready, deviant. This is a delicate beauty, showing the wisdom of women, making men respect and not be impressed.

However, mature women who carry a bit of personality and rebellion will create a deadly attraction. Make men look lost in a secret maze, making their hearts uneasy by the curiosity and interest you create.

Smart but goofy

Smart women will behave, treat people and harmonize relationships around them. They do not possess the young nature as: pampered, angry, demanding unreasonable. Instead, they will sympathize with the hardships and pressure of others, and men are no exception. Being heard and sympathetic will reach the bottom of a man's heart, making them touched and want to keep their friend as a treasure.

However, sometimes pampered and chatter a little, will also make him feel happy, creating a natural atmosphere and humor between the two.

They know how to use their intellect to make men respect. But also humble to make men feel respected and satisfied winning feelings.