3 types of women make men who are unruly horses still ask to put aside the game, be faithful and faithful

1. Strong but still gentle

This is the type of woman that makes men crazy and love their whole life. Because women of this type often have the temperament, the air of heaven. They never like to rely too much on men, they dare to be assertive and above all, they still do not lack the gentleness and understanding of their stories.

Gentle marriage helps women to have love from their husbands, while strongness will help them to be respected and cherished by their husbands.


2. Women are political but not arrogant

A woman in a marriage if she is better than her husband and always boasting about it is foolish. So be wise to be in control of everything. Everything in the house, no matter how good you are, you must consult your husband, don't make your own decision and ignore him. A woman who is humble and not proud will make men voluntarily loyal.

3. Women are always smiling but bold


One of the types of women fascinated by men is someone who knows how to control his emotions. It is sad not to cry, too much suffering, when laughing, it is not too much. Men do not like the type of women who show off and flamboyant, the more manly the more they are tired.