4 common manners of a cowardly husband and a woman should be avoided

1. Anger too tough

Men often have generosity, quick to forget, sometimes even in the heart of mind but afraid of sad wife should voluntarily apologize, make up first. But the cowardly man is different, he always thinks he's right.

For him, resolving conflict is not the top reason but simply he wants to satisfy his selfishness. When he and his wife got angry at each other, he ignored his wife and he himself neglected his family and went home early.


2. Every time you argue and immediately ask for a divorce

Women are whiny, their mouths say a word but their hearts often think differently. While the man who is a bit motivated to demand a divorce, he is certainly not brave. A well-mannered, brave man will always yield to his wife and children, rather than hand-to-hand and make his wife humble first.

3. Always dig his wife's mistakes to criticize

Whenever there is a conflict, the cowardly husband will often find his wife's mistakes to start criticizing her. Not only did he stop there, he also used heavy words to exaggerate the mistakes of the two sides. This husband always likes to turn his wife into a bad man in his eyes.


4. Quarrel in front of children or others

A wise man will know when there is a conflict, the husband and wife close the door and tell each other. But for irresponsible husbands and bad fathers, they don't care how hurt their children are but they want to scold their wives more to embarrass their wives.