5 great cause for making a girl stand still 'independent'

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Every single person who caught the couple love would also ask myself: "why do people always have to have double pairs?", "why people can find love fast new way?", "why I was lonely throughout many years?"

Maybe you still always want to date with someone, but it is not like Italy. Have you ever figure out why? Also don't make pretext "curse" or "follow" someone should have to cut the charm. In fact, all by yourself.

Let's see you are stuck in one of those bad habits listed here?

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The campaign "against discounted".

1. Always think to an old love story

You are still steeped in the old love affair, unable to escape from it? Surely this is the obstacle you can't find new love.

When you find someone new, you start wondering, worrying to the old situation. You just want to find a new love, but looking forward to returning to the ancients. You worry the new situation will become a barrier preventing you back with old people.

2. Always think the world is no longer good men

Her negative thinking so often people get hurt in friendship, or was or hear your friends around him whine about bad habits of men. But in fact this is just the negative thoughts from a height, as the boys always said that "girls have money".

If you still hold negative views to find this love you will never meet the right person.

3. Love someone too long

As if your love lasts in time too long, you will feel tired when have to go find a new love. You even need to take a lot of time to find new motivation as well as the difficulty in dating with someone.

4. There is too much to ask

Remember, no man is perfect. So you don't get the guy's standard white horse Prince fairytale to find love. Also do not put out too many criteria for model boyfriend in dreams, the higher the standard of your ability to find the perfect gentleman as low. Very likely you will have to live the single life.

5. All the shrinks in private space

If you are too immersed in the world of myself, you will lose the ability to integrate with the world. Closed loop yourself means you're refusing to communicate with people. Not to mention the people accept you or not, because of yourself you will be the first to stop others joining into the world of your own.=

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