5 reasons why women should not say 'I'm okay!'

We automate more of his emotions back by just saying "I'm okay", but the trouble is that we keep hiding his feelings. You know the talk saying "I'm okay" will cause the myths of man, this is the time you have to give up this job. You should start expressing to men know how you are feeling rather than hide it away.

Here are 5 reasons why women should not say "I'm okay" once again.

1. Because the feel frustrated about something that is perfectly normal

Trivial when you feel unhappy, uncomfortable about a person or a job. No one can have fun wherever you are, if you really have that then it's worrying thing. Because the life always has many elements, you can't always see goes well and happy, that it will have a lot of different emotions, and chains that make up a new life in many colours.

2. The sensitivity does not cause you to become more crazy

Expressing emotions out is not the psychological signs of people too sensitive, that it's perfectly normal expression of a human. The natural human instinct is in addition to excited, happy, they also know the pain, cry ...

Which helps you to know you're still alive because you have feelings.

The natural human instinct is in addition to excited, happy, they also know the pain, cry ...

3. When you feel that there is no problem, that doesn't mean other people also found that

Never thought of self imposed ourselves onto other people, when you don't feel that there is nothing important, doesn't mean people also found it so simple. If you give it is worse then why do you have to hide with his mate? While they are a part of your life, if something makes you frustrated or upset, then they absolutely have the right to know which of your anxieties and soothes away the wound for you.

4. You are trying to delay a job will definitely happen

We all know "I'm okay" also is just a saying to hide everything away. No woman can use three letters to alleviate her pain even though they enjoyed the talk. True that they try to hide away soon also be your partner learn, this sheath at the "I'm okay" was no longer necessary.

Why do you not say this out right from the start? Affordable you waiting for people trying to understand and know the feeling that you are experiencing? Please ignore this concealing and confided to him a sincere way, all problems will be resolved quickly.

5. Try proved themselves not interested

This also does not help for the work was ended, and it also could lose. The issue proved even before a job then even the best actor in the world is also difficult to convey as if they are truly happy. Try to prove themselves not disappointed, not suffering is the fastest way to help your pain more deeply. Just pretend like you aren't interested in that just as immature and you demonstrate a role for which you are taking place too bad.=