5 types of men born to miserable wives and children, women all wish they were unmarried

1. If you are a lazy husband, you will sweat

The most miserable woman is to marry a lazy husband who wants to sit down to enjoy and not work. While the wife was busy doing one thing after another, the husband could only play and not help his wife at all. If a woman gets a lazy husband, she will sweat and cry

But men should remember, women have a limited endurance, if you are still heartless with her then soon want the woman to leave too.


2. Heartless husband angina

Men have a bad habit that everyone suffers that is going out with kindness to the natural but home heartless with his wife. That is also the reason why women increasingly bored and want to end their marriage.

They are tired when the holidays and anniversaries are forgotten and the couple's birthdays do nothing. How indifferent men sooner or later the woman will give you twice as much.

3. Married paternal husband is despised

Some men are both patriarchal and conservative. Women who take this man home are despised all day long. He will not respect, not cherish his wife. Whenever he thinks he is right, the patriarchal marriage will have no voice, not be respected. Life is no different from hell.

4. Married abusive husband must live with the whip


In this day and age many men show their authority by using fists and wives. Just angry, men will blame all over his wife and then fight with whips. A woman who gets married like this is just miserable all her life.

5. Married honorable men, only miserable wife and children

Most men are honorable. The pride here is when you want to be beautiful on the outside, beautiful face for yourself and your wife and children do not care. Women should not be foolish to accept and marry the male model. If you do not regret, you will not be able to keep up.