9 reasons you should not 'eat rice before the series continues'

1. You will not find the person best suited only for "tasted the forbidden fruit"

There is a real label as most of the girls are lowering standards, easy in the selection, reviews about half his true just because they've tr贸t "tasted the forbidden fruit".

Simply by having given the stem for a guy that does that, although many girls have to realize people that guy existed some problems don't suit them, or that the person is really not intended for them, they also do not dare to break.

They fear the truth, who came after would not accept. By then, no little girl though not satisfied with the current relationship but still "trying to punch away food" for "tasted the forbidden fruit".

2. You can fall into a one-way relationship

The majority of the girls all think when handed the fuselage means 2 people step into more intimate stage. Song man does not think so. My daughter spent much of the time, the energy to care for someone you love while not getting adequate with what was given away. And this type of relationship is not a one-way relationship.

Of course, it wouldn't be sustainable by the daughter who is always frustration and feel more pressure at all. The results are bad for the relationship to end in pain.

3. You can hurt yourself just because has "tasted the forbidden fruit"

The feeling of regret, remorse because doing should not do often appear in the beginning many girls after tr贸t eating "forbidden fruit". Just because a weak, up themselves that then you tormented in suffering, in guilt and constantly worry he will abandon you, despised you. Or if your parents/friends know the truth they will think of you ...

As such, most action this time enough to hurt feelings, mind you in a long time. Further it also meant you can't concentrate on work, study, live carefree.

4. You own becomes "slave" after having "tasted the forbidden fruit"

Assuming that the person you have loved yourself is not a good guy, he will easily embrace your weaknesses is presented and transforms you become "slaves" done whatever he wanted.

Specifically, he's wrong cause you do this job, you don't control to meet friends, others, jealous unjustly ... but you can't do anything. All the things that he is finally taking advantage of you both physically and mentally. To a time that has bored you, you're ready to "kick" you mercilessly.

5. faded love because "tasted the forbidden fruit"

Love each other as long then love easily fades. But love also boring more quickly after the two had "tasted the forbidden fruit".聽Because, when asked, people often prefer to discover the secrets about each other, they nourish of love with passion and thrill wait to a new phase in their relationship.

When the song had "tasted the forbidden fruit," many young couples in love has lost the passion in each other because simply they see the enemy is no longer something to explore further. Thus, not only men but also women are also easy to fall into the feeling of boredom because went too limited in love.

6. Not "surrender", the girlfriend will be less painful than

Once you've "given the thousands of gold" for the guy, your girl will feel better, even more dependent on the love. Therefore, if the broken love, sure she would fall into a more distressing situation many times. So, my advice to you girl: Let's wait until until it is sure the new fingertips allows "it" happened.

7. Have the ability to become pregnant unplanned

Don't be too confident in the contraceptive that people often suggest. In fact none of the measures would be complete and the possibility of pregnancy can still happen whether you have very carefully. In this case, the safest and most effective is not a relationship of love until the two of you are "governed" by the law.

8. You will not get the respect of everyone around

Although the society had little to modern also never delete be rigorous look for women who do not hold themselves.

The easy arise psychologically belittled you for it's people close to you who you "tasted the forbidden fruit"-people who love you. That followed including the second lover, Tuesday ... in life you. Far more can be your friends, your relatives. If they know you've gone over the limit when in love, they will no longer hold absolute respect to you anymore.

9. There will be a lot of things for you to discover after the wedding

Assume your loved one away. Before the day of your birthday, they awarded you a gift and said "come on then, let's open the box". Can you be a child curious should bring home gift after you open up just see what's inside. However, if you are mature, mature and prestige, you will wait to the right to open new birthday. Although the gift in the box is the same, but the feeling of two open will certainly vary.

And in the love story, also near the same. Try to wait and keep each other up to wedding night. Trying to "suppress" the suspense, curiosity, you'll have plenty of time to learn and discover from each other after marriage.=