After marriage, the more women do not care about the husband, the happier life

1. Don't pay too much attention to how to get along with your husband's family

When living with your parents, your siblings will force you to live in harmony with them. But this may or may not be. So if you don't get along, don't worry about it.

Because you will live with your husband all his life, not his family. So if you can't be more patient with your husband's family, don't worry too much. Live in a way that is righteous, not to do the impossible.


2. Never mind the past

Life is too short, never think too much about the past and then forget the future. Do not dig past the past, but instead should pay attention to the current life of the couple. As long as your husband loves and is faithful to you in the present, the past doesn't matter.

3. Never pay attention to benefits or loss in love affairs

You should never ask for equality in love, if you only know more truth in love, it will be difficult to have true love. In a marriage, both husband and wife have to sacrifice a lot to be sustainable. So women should not pay too much attention to the real loss than in love.


4. Do not pay attention to the small conflict between both

In an argument, you don't need to worry about who is right and who is wrong. If you always cause trouble, always mind the contradictions of both, then love will soon disappear. Conversely, if you know tolerance will make the two closer to each other.