Angry at me, I spend the night with old love

I am 25 years old this year, is the business staff and had lovers. She poorly I 3 years. Both come together with sincere affection and the seriously. Love is more than a year, I've put you on the launch of his family. We fit in plenty though sometimes I still patronize kids.

I'm happy because there are people who love beautiful, understand yourself.

I and the children work in the two companies several km should regularly meet, go play. I'm happy because there are people who love beautiful, understanding and ever imagine about shelters children poetry party. But that has never happened in perpetuity by the contradiction between the two. That may well be all of those things and I didn't know each other.

That day, the company prepared me with the big contract negotiations with foreign partners. I was the team leader should have to do more hours at the Agency. When are buried his head on the pile of documents, and the numbers then you call girl. Section nh岷給, salve, you asked me what day. I immediately hang up when I haven't found the flood hamlet answers. Call back a lot, she finally listened. Know I forgot your birthday, I rushed to congratulate then sorry for busy so couldn't take you out. In response I constantly blame me not interested in love, not because of her.

Convince me the ride tonight forever has no results, I declare that I will r峄漬 green must regret the infinity of his mind. At first glance I think or just take her out and then later but remembered the important work to do tomorrow so decided to say no.

The day brought about large projects for the company after a successful presentation is also the date I received a shock from her lover. Have just met, she has suggested we parted with two reasons more and more different.

I confessed last night, angry at me, so I call the ex confided. The two men then got together all night in a hotel and doing "it". I say that at first only wants revenge but I have discovered myself and he is still emotional farewell should decide.

I confessed last night, angry at me, so I phoned the former.

Stunned really listening to what the other Word from her lover, I can't say the word famous. The girl that I love and want to get your wife has behaved like this really. No doubt. Extremely painful but I can't cry.

Fate made me and I was never bullied or is human nature I that it reveal? Just because getting past the anger small talk, are you ready to give to the other boy treated as charged with hate. I suddenly saw this human fear. It's so different to what I think and know about you. She can do horrible and despicable. To this country, I don't agree don't anymore. She ended active value love but I've run out of clean love feelings with the daughter too him easygoing, instinctive life and easily betrayed.

Think about it, I even found myself was lucky when up overlooking the real man, the true personality of the girl before it's too late. She does not deserve the wife, the mother of my children.=