Around the world with the love of romance

1. Japan

First, let's spend a little time to find out if a school girl Japan how to put out the word of dating with boyfriend. The following is a very lovely story that also full service hang on post on Yahoo Japan's site:

"In my life, I just love only once (and in fact we have been dating each other for three years then). I send him a message, asking that he has wanted to go for a walk home? I say that I will wait for him in the Park. When he arrived, I can only say that Suki ".

"Suki" is a Japanese verb meaning "like" or "love". But two simple, he carries a function definition is: "Oh, I love you and want to be with my son's Grand khỉnh right now". Or more simply, "Suki" can only mean: "I love you!". Usually, the love of the Japanese people are very private and full of stress.

2. United States of America

Obviously, the movies Hollywood has painted for our awareness about the romance of the American people. Americans often say straight out of their thoughts. They often ask questions like: "I'll do your girlfriend?".

However, in a few cases, they also asked the question seems pretty redundant style: "You go out with me?". A girl after getting that question also proved anger and screams: "Not" as a sign that the guy had gone the wrong way.

Anyway, all those things also pointed out that States which contain many different cultures, making the behavior of each person with big differences. In comparison with the love of the Japanese, the only difference of the Americans is probably in that they are not too heavy, feeling the pressure.

3. France

We go to France-land of love. It seems the French distaste the expressed his feelings. Instead, they just read situations and guess what to decide whether to dating the enemy or not. A French woman even once said that truth is too hard to guess the opponent's feelings (because they didn't say anything).

French men are usually for very active but it seems they never say things like: "do you want to make your girlfriend?". Anyway, the fuzzy shark he will also do those unfamiliar with French culture felt very vague.

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4. Italy

The Italian people are often very warm and candid in friendship. However, an Italian man in the age of "hashing" once said that: "In a few cases, the couple will understand the intention of the enemy without any confession, love at all".

Of course, there are many boys, shy girl in Italy as well as in any other place. But once an Italian have felt the call of love as they were forced to confess and say it. If you are a dynamic person, your preferred speed, which seems to be the way, but things will be different if you are a model who likes to enjoy everything slowly.

5. Spain

During the courtship, love, the men Spain seem very embarrassing when his emotions revealed by words. Instead, they try to hit a delicate way of letting you know that they're actually dating. But once you start dating then maintaining a constant communication back extremely important. Maybe the Spanish men want to spend all of what's best for the people that they are truly cherished.

6. Brazil

This South American nation a reputation on the beauty of nature and the United States of America. This is a Japanese women's experience when dating a Brazilian man:

"I started dating a Brazilian man after having given each other kisses and even go to bed together. He never said that he wanted to date me. And I feel like we don't feel like a pair of love at all. But in these stories, he often says about me as his girlfriend. So sometimes I am startled surprised to suddenly realize: ' Oh, it turns out I'm dating. ' "

In Brazil, there are two ladder for a relationship: understanding and dating. At the stage of understanding, both will be satisfied in a relationship on a level friends but less than lovers. You can kiss (or do something more than that) but the relations between the two remain just stop at this level. Only when you go beyond that stage and feel totally comfortable next to the other, began to feel the taste of love, is when you advance to the second stage: dating and covet.

7. Thailand

In Thailand, women often never was the advance to first. Instead, they are willing to wait lyrics love of boys. This leads to the Thai people do not usually preferred the relationship as "one night of love". Seems like the dating in Thailand is also closely related to the work with the family members of the other. Therefore, it is best to make the elaborate your communication skills if you want dating a Thai girl.

8. South Korea

As in Thailand, the word of love in Korea, most are coming from the mouth of the guy. An interesting difference is the Korean girls almost never agree on dating the first suggestion of a guy. They concept that rush is the expression of the lack of decent. Girls will refuse to quietly and waiting boys confess again.

But if the girls don't really want a date with the guy, then maybe she will say a few sentences like: "sorry, I already have a boyfriend". If they really want the boys back again, they can say: "Oh, but we only just met!".

9. Taiwan

Finally, we will conclude the trip around the world with stops in Taiwan. While dating, men in Taiwan are often not easily deterred. They usually recommend dating and love with a girl in a way very often. Taiwanese men also love to send e-mail or call whether the girls had refused all hundreds of times. Before dating, they will try not touching the woman. Even when the two began dating the man who is also very careful in making reservations fist, cuddle or kiss.

Naturally, all the stories on here are reflected through the tomb of distinct cultural experience. However, it is hard to experience a true date in any place if not actually bathe yourself in the culture and customs of that country.=