B. children with blood thinning, I painfully to death go back to life

I was born in a mountainous district in Nghe An province, my home, my parents were poor farm, below I have three children who are of age eat, great age. Finished school, I working in a textile factory. Here I know you, is my husband later. England countryside in Ha Tinh, also because of family difficulties should have to go to new hires. I do parties, you may do in the nest is.

We talk much, because of the sympathy of the circumstances should be heading and I became close friends. Because accommodation near each other should you frequently run over running back to my room, have lost your minutes, dehydration, I again call you to this page, and then cook the meal you eat to stay the same. Simple things he has made us love arose. Love come naturally like that.

Love was half a year then I offer my marriage. I am very happy, thought I should also have a separate shelters. What is different about an affair led her two visiting sides family. Parents urged the Organization of the wedding for us.

Complete wedding, and I still go to work normally. Newlyweds should guys sing happy, tiny room at laughter. Almost 3 months after I got elected, he hugged me, sobbing as excited, happy. At the time, I feel extremely happy, we can say that is the most beautiful days of my life.

Childbirth, I also received more than a dozen million in maternity mode of enterprises, I ask about foreign born but mother-in-law didn't want, you manually take the bride, so I go home you maternity. The joy of the husband and family rising up bumper part when I gave birth to a baby son, bụ bẫm, healthy, her mother rounded the square.

Childbirth was 3 months, I started again, because your child is in my mother tongue up you look for accommodation for the couple. Good boy, good food is way stale, sleep, the boy looks shital tênh should my spouse isn't officially yesterday night or stress. But what makes me worry is near 4 months and I still don't know, also did not air the story as other children the same age. My mom, sure no problem, it is time to know all that, not the more extravagant help defeated the abdomen. I heard that also reduce the worry away somewhat.

Until one day, my mother cooked medium just looks older grandchildren, Titus Venice into the glass beaker, do the falling broken beaker respects, the boy to hand down against the broken hand, bleeding. See you cry cheaper, my mother turned to rush out to see the blood flow stops. She struggling to how well not bleeding, panicked, she called to the neighborhood party room to help take the boy to the hospital.

Husband and I are doing, hear the coarse speed run straight to the hospital. My mother crying sorry my wife sobbed. I am impatient too should only ask my children, my mother just cried just told the doctor is an emergency. I fear, broken hands, why should an emergency. My husband also stand to sit. No one said a Word to anyone, I worried, in the heart like fire burning.

Half an hour later, a doctor from the emergency room to open the door, I hurry to run. Heard my baby it's okay, I like cats and are burdened. But not excited, the doctor told me to follow him on the inside.

Know you are sick, I am incredibly painful (artwork)

Moments of hearing doctors say that, my children have blood difficult. I thought as the soil under the feet fell. I am petrified in the sick room. My husband stood beside, 2 hand hold on me, I know I'm stunned.

The couple labuschagne I step out of the room, then I like it not. Anguish, hurt the cause I thought I was crazy. Look at the baby NAP in bed ill are t.h infused water, I like cutting pieces of bowel pain, tears fell no restraint. The son of poor little me.

They knew, everyone suddenly and mercies, stale Way. My husband's mother's family, the husband and wife meeting I keep reassuring treat for children, grandparents will try to help at least or less. I hear that, rather than know so much difficulty, because the circumstances are not well-off husband home. Mother-in-law holding hands, I only did so, she told me to be strong. I am in my arms tight husband that tears.

Titus, the more I grew stale right eye more children. To avoid to naughty boy, or come near the injury. But hyperactive children, avoid, several times falling to scratch the foot, hand, definitive naughty blood again flows into the line. The couple I rent the car take you away. And then my husband regularly donate blood for her. Tri-charge each institution in tens of million cost.

Though I carefully care, but because of illness so fat, the famous Pastes cu bitch nhẳng lean, then pale cheeks, I love many of the estimated at just how good are changed. Friends no one dare to play with my children, my parents told them to stay away from children, how I missed, then the gauge. What is the kid just hit my thủi alone, miserable, extremely poor. Do not know how the night, I cry to tears because of the shallow trade.

On a family's economic difficulties, my spouse to treat the sold off valuable supplies, workers wages 2, both spouses are not enough for 1 treatment, yet as of money eat money, medication, living expenses. Debt piled all over the place, it's time to go where the loan is also difficult. See my house so many people afraid to lend.

Sometimes I get bored, desperate to just want to jump into the river himself and die for it. Look at the sick, the illness that does not know what to do for my son, I see an extremely helpless. Why the life back with me like, why is ruthless with my family like that. What should I do to help my son my pitiful little now ...=