Bad is also a guilty!

To me, the little family my wife, married and have kids there is a true desire for luxuries and no idea how. All just because I'm a girl has oversized missed then, an old girl just discounted too bad.

My parents are both beautiful, high drain. The children are being leveraged the beauty of her parents who are child should like the hotgirl or armeniansoccercom 4,311 views, out on the street is people love the fans, about the House was that everyone loves. Only me in the House, just as disconnected from a different world, I extremely ugly. From the little I have owned the water τall, dwarf shark, medium to medium-bodied face thick with cheers, nose to forehead and snub.

From the little I've been aware of her extremely bad, I don't like anyone in my family at all. I still remember when it claims often look at me short of breath sighed, then grandmother looked at me cold: "it looks bad that someone does not know, the line they were all beautiful people". The time, I caught my mom sneaks go wipe the tears, I just know my head massage that says: "I don't like that look like one". Grandma infuriated stamp your foot, brandishing the hand up the claims: "You see the mirror again, the same router my house so beautiful that you go comparison". I am sleepy look angry and grandmother understands it all just because.

Bad women also guilty.

Growing up a bit, I have a few friends to school girls. The child who's daughter society of white, pink lips, soft silk silky hair. Just got my curly hair, more black than the sultry brunette skin when acne grows dot working laboriously, limb to thick. I feel like beast between the sparkling fairies herds, sometimes I let such girls Chanh long child who would like to make friends with me. Looks like they are afraid to play with I will be bad as I spread the disease. Only the guys you play like boys with me, by I am healthy, play soccer, news up could also swear like them. When I like a true son of a bitch, as indispensable of the boys in the class.

He doesn't even remember the grandmother to have grandchildren, girl like me. Two of my children turn out, luckily for us, they are all very beautiful and lovely. But the tragedy to me is that people look at my sister, mocked me. I and the children are all the same his father a mother born, that's why they and I opposed as such? At this grandmother is no longer or hinted more difficult to hear questions, much as she regarded me as an outsider, as does not exist in the family. Looks like she just treated two children I was. My mother looked back at grandmother's attitude as me. Parents or hug me and crying, says sorry for not giving me a beautiful form. For the first time in my life I heard my mother say: "bad is not a crime, huh?".

When I go to College, I secretly love a boy classmate. But he's too nice, I used to think he was just like an Angel. And of course, handsome as he doesn't lack anything like girlfriend. The daughter class I almost everyone likes him, despite knowing that he had a lover. My love for him grows more intense. Everyday I take just to go to school only to see him, I take only good learning all subjects just to attention with him. Have to say, when I found the goal of living his life. With an 18 year old girl like me, the enthusiasm is always the most intense and exciting.

In the age of your friends started dating love then I become the best students of the faculty, I have caused the attention of him. But you also just consider me a normal friend, someone you can ask him to post or sometimes pendulous go play ball. To me, that is successful on the imagination, I don't yearn to be his lady, I just made you of him. Unilateral love affair lasted throughout the years.

On parting, I decided to talk to him to know, I do a beautiful greeting cards and write a letter to him. And right after that day, my love letter made public on the blog of the class with a sarcastic sneer, even pejorative of your classmates. From that day the love of my heart shattered, I am also torn by pain. I silently promise myself I will never revealed emotion to any of the other boys. For the first time in my life I am keenly saying "bad is also a crime."

I'm out of school and go to work. I have to say I quite new WarBirds please be a nice job while holding a good degree in hand. If other people, with good results as I'm sure many companies invite me to the campus about work. But because of the bad back that dwarf my course requires those who have lovingly form so I wouldn't be in favor of the good. I end this interview WarBirds to another interview. When I do the test, the results are very good, but in the interview, is the word of promise "will announce the results later." I see his eyes the disappointment of employers to see my face. There are even people saying straight is the company they will not recruit the bad as I am, by the work related to the client needs the faces in your favorite look. So I take distracted, I silently cursed myself why know bad and what this industry studies, and when employment goes back to suffer no look of sympathy of others.

Finally after almost a year of running distracted all over the place, I also find a job match "beauty". It's a job just sitting in the Office, not to communicate with customers. This job will not give me the opportunity to proceed further, it doesn't give me the opportunity to get rich, forever I will is just a quèn staff only. Sometimes I'm sardonic wonder myself, perhaps because of the bad that I do not have the right to do their job, not the right to be promoted and enriched?

The room I do mainly middle-aged women and had a stable family. Lucky for me is the sister in the room does not look like the stereotypical ugly monsters. People know me and quite endearing. Perhaps, this is what God the most favor for me ever. Work in an environment like that, I somehow was comforting and found quite fun. Afternoon, the sisters put their cluster or gossip, the stories of families, children, and even she says all about beauty.

The advice to change my appearance, eating , walking, .... The first time I found myself to be someone that is not the parents and the children themselves. I am very happy and are trying to change yourself according to the advice of fellow sister. But it is true that I it me bad. Despite how the dress looks I still ugly and thick. Sometimes I try to wear longer like a chameleon, flashy ugly like Baking A forecast Office. So I nodded back to casual style of dress which, at least look not too were immediately released.

It is true that the "vibe", don't know someone in the company that blows my room has a younger new hotgirl. According to the rumor that I'm very pretty eyes, Dove, white, pink lips, dress , fashion, 3 round curve, higher drain as veo model. And all the more special, I was I hotgirl. Originally heard the company had a child so new about, well I can think of that is. Because what people whisper in contrast completely with me. But, once I take the elevator Manager sister and then meet you colleagues in the other room.

This guys saw my sister I vập mallet head: "heard in the room she had a new baby move about very pretty well, would we bring the food up to play the introduction for us, please?". At the time both me and my sister with the head up, don't understand the fellas are talking to me. I have just moved to the new towns of Bloom is I only. Mrs. hoit enquiries Manager: "I do have one, you are mistaken. The food then please accept my sister, but she is beautiful, then you find out ". "Well, obviously you're the subject of sizzling us son. Well, I heard that the name is Italian for "sister Velvet. Hear you say so, my face red and pale. Ms. head seemed to understand Instant broke up, laughing: "anybody that evil joke. Here, I leave my sisters new Velvet here, "Ms. head just to introducing me.

I caught his eyes from sunsets to embarrassment, even laughing at your colleagues. I'm really embarrassed, I had no place to hide the face "crocodiles". Nearly a dozen pairs of eyes looked at me, and then ransacked all silent as yet what happened. I know, sure they're trying to resist laughing when I know the other hotgirl I. Never have I found such shame at that, indeed I have spent hundreds of thousands of other people eyes looked at me then, but had never been hurt like this. This feeling is like the feeling when I read the words of ridicule classmates University. It is true that "bad is also a crime."

Now, I have a 32 year old girl. In the years that friends home interior surface I Yen had never once been in love. At the age of 32, he didn't call me daughter discounted anymore which is the old girl. It is true that I'm old. Each girl before the elderly are experiencing Sun Youth Coordinator crafted love, but I don't have a lucky. I don't get the time young as others, at the time, I was an unsuccessful girl. I was, over time, old girl. I know for sure that I will be alone like this all my life. Bloom also has A Even ancient Men love as congee, but today I do have porridge Bowl practice with Men Even more. I had intended to do a single mothers, but the sound intention is impracticable.

Where did I make for themselves a person willing to help my child. Men nowadays love by eyes they still didn't look that long, said what's going to give me a child. People discounted but still holding their heads high because people still have many other things. I discounted, and because I don't have girls be bad things to offset that turn heads. Never have I seen such incapacity. I wish the price as I ease the smart go, instead I have a little more beauty to escape Hatch wouldn't A list would. The dream of a little family, with others is simple but to me, it's hard to to and super high too. In fact, a bad crime.=