Bad wife has still more beautiful wife money that poor?

Really I'm standing before the fork in the road. The cinnamon Genus parents say our age this year new partnerships, if the wedding to years, not good. I am downright embarrassing when hear this request by earnestly, I don't love the Cinnamon Genus to want to live with her whole life.

After the marriage broke down first, I swear with the Palm will try to work to make a lot of money, so much so that the girls have to jostle to be my eye. But the computer not by Sun computer. I deal most of this failure to defeat although I plunge into the work with determination will make a lot of money. Maximum black for pursuing me until now. Until I hand white, unemployment, the illness struck again.

I have encountered this at the right Genus Cinnamon. She was worried, take care of me wholeheartedly. At first she said that due to the poor see I should do so. Gradually, you know, ERM I should fell in love. She actively told me that in the 34th birthday party she held for me 8 months ago. I'm not surprised but no definitive answers.

Cinnamon Genus gentle, kind, has a stable job as an only child in my family. The three she has shares in several companies. She is also so. If retrieved her, I am sure that he will not have to worry about the economy. Get her I will naturally have a lot of things that many years ago, I was plowing the Bureau but not achieved.

I know pick what now?

But the biggest obstruction to me came with Cinnamon Genus is her ... too bad. I don't know how really bad Bloom Town, rather than girls are in next to me, the beauty is too poor. I don't understand why she is the daughter of the wealthy that faraway complexion, thick limbs. She has a big nose, lips penetrating deep rather than fresh red like many other girls. She also doesn't have the smooth skin, rather it is the scarred skin, have many moles and warts. She's not speaking clear acetate without harsher harsher. The only thing that made me happy where she is Cinnamon has thick black hair, smooth, occasionally occasionally downright seductive scent.

Is actually from when my love to say Spending Laurels, I have never actively take her away, go to the friends meeting, wedding, birthday. Simply because I wear the feel with friends. None of my friends have a wife or lover so bad.

Then she demanded to go shopping, go eat then I reluctantly put her away rather than actually internalize such fun. She bought me a lot of things, things would also pretty expensive also. I silently commend aesthetic mind and use her map gu. But I'm just happy to sit alone watching the gifts rather than if that sit with her, then I saw the half less ...

A lot of times I'm counting, measuring, weighing the cinnamon Genus with a few other girlfriends and close your eyes "forget, bad, beautiful is not poverty. Life too difficult now. Day also reported seeing people because of poor that suicide, because of the poor that killing each other, because the poor thieves ... So poor is the root causes of unhappiness. Oh, yes the great eyes. If in a time that saw the invalid parting I didn't hole Lü Bu? ".

Think think so but I don't have a definitive decision. My mother said, "Don't hurt then it don't take money, not happy about the wedding, the daughter's life gauge, German Interior Lam". My sister also said: "I think. If your married but rest assured, the fun then married; did this calculation, I can ".

I don't know why the people in my family have other thoughts with your friends? Among friends, my profile, 10 people then all 10 are advised to proceed to. They told me to just keep the sticky rice is ridiculous sa khễnh. Yes, wealthy people also don't catch yourself is slug.

"It's bad but it has money," have the money then will have it all. Moreover today the science progress, want to fix what beauty is hard? In South Korea there is both a beauty technology, son, daughter all this page. Just don't want to, rather than want to do what is not?

Those packed before, Cinnamon Genus again reminds me: "Three comes invites him over to eat his story". I hardly think too date appointment set. Yes, it is true that the money does not have to mind the Austrian rice, hục support as spouses or children , it is also more than happy to the poor House, I can help my family.

But in the beginning I still don't accept having to eat in my life with a girl too bad. Cinnamomum genus bad medium must also be; Here she again too bad, bad "banh Bo rice" as ladies of my colleagues still for von.

I am afraid though temperament are you good to where they still could not compensate for the beauty she's poor. I truly see a headache. Or is just blindly p.m. fate. Leave the bad wife, but there is still more then money is pretty poor, by people can't look at beauty to forget the abdomen are boiling worshippers tub and the squeeze is by fins?=