Bitter when entangled in the net of a female boss

(MissNews)-About to come home, see my boss's message: "thank you, long time I have a day like that." I throw the phone out of character lying bed., spicy dang, luoi, ...

I year 20s, had just graduated from College, with a degree in quite and the dynamism of his, I'm lucky to be a media company. My work is progressing very well, dynamic work environment help me maximize my ability. However, there is one issue that made me wonder, it is the attitude of the boss for me.

My direct boss is female, almost 40 years old. Listen to the little sister he says Agency Chief in divorced her husband was almost a dozen years now, has a son studying level 3. But nearly 40 years old but look youthful and stylish boss. The undeniable charm and the lure of this woman, but of course for me, I only considered the Chief is an owner, who went before, I always respect and admire the Chief, by the sect that the leaders of both companies is not mediocre form.

But recently, my boss often has very strange expression to me. The boss often called me into a private room to Exchange work, say but when talking, my boss looked at me with strange eyes, unlike the other worker. I hesitate and feel a little scared, but the staff should not dare left.

There are times, my boss called me to discuss, I stood, my boss sat, wearing vest shirt also she take hung on the Chair inside, she wore a deep cut neck chest mold breeze filled blisters. I all face hot flashes, my boss just laughed laughed, deliberately bumping me. Through eye contact, gesture, I know my sister has sex with her. Today, out of the room my boss that I am sweating.

Know my boss so I avoid contact with my boss in a way most maximum, keep seeing Sir is I find the excuse to withdraw. I know that, but the initiative is in the hands of my sister, I like the fish in the basket, Sir liking getting at would be caught. Ever wanted to meet me, you just need to call up a desk job, although I want to or not.

Photo : Bitter when entangled in the net of a female boss

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Today, my boss called me in private to protect her son, she need more mentors in English. My boss asked me to have a moment, if not busy, every Sunday to the home she helped for the boy. I fret job, refused to clear the wrong, if not approved, difficult boss, I was fired for.. So I accepted the invitation.

Sunday, the plan I came home, I reassure my boss invited me into the House. Look around the blueberries didn't see anyone, I ask her sister's son. Sir smile said: "today I suppose it must stay at home to study, but it ill hospitalized classmates, class organization to visit, sure to new evening". I started to panic, why don't you message me, so the following week I through also. Sir smile: "you come here to eat rice with my sister a dead one, eat alone she sad". I again pushed into the boss of world citizenship.

Eat, my sister told me to up my sisters room thanks to the little things. I'm up, I opened and then asked me to reset the machine for. I do, I sat next to, I never actually sitting near the woman would close by. The touch of my boss deliberately goosebumps, who saw the hot flashes up. A little wine from the meal made me as hard to control yourself. Chief touch me, cool skin of my boss made me not irresistible. Me and my boss just wrap taken together.

Done, guilt or the fear so be all over me. I disgust myself. I'm in a hurry and then run the clothes of the women. Came home, saw the captain's message: "thank you, long time I have a day like that." I throw is out of bed, things feel dirty.

Now I feel depressed and day end well, just because a minute of no control, I have to turn yourself into a worse person class. I don't know what to do anymore, I want to quit my job to never met the boss anymore. But this very difficult job I could, now start from the beginning, I think that frustrated too.