Daydreaming on the network, disappointed ... in bed

Did you know each other through socialnetworking. Initially only a few social questions generally, little feel affection from the line of mood or meaning these beautiful photos accompanied the comment playfully. She turned to laugh because of his funny, did you find it interesting before answering her poetry wealth. Then the conversation via chat each day a encroachment, longer than eight hours out of the Office. Through the full Exchange looks honest, I know that I have a stable life with beautiful wife, I. You know you have an idle life. The day would you each morning chorus farewell my husband go to work, go to school and take your pick of the rice, water, waiting for her husband. Spin that you don't see, the family life that she does not see the cramped, emotionally the couple that you don't find boring, until she knew him.

Virtual networking and real life vary greatly.

Dreams about each other more and more pronounced, though only seen photos of each other on the network. The nostalgia about each other no longer aimlessly. From the sentence Hello Goodbye "kiss the lips away", by date, it's natural, turning into glance icon, hearts, Kiss, and then be replaced by the love that two people fainted in the substance no longer control the desire to want to see people using each other's flesh bone. Sometimes the chat, she just wanted to shut down the computer, launch the car to a cafe to meet him. And I know behind the words the other worthwhile billowing, I also have a dream like that.

Surprise when her sister's friend also ... stress on the network. She is connected with the "old people" through social networks, so that old love ballads not pendulous. From the Council's plight, both regularly updated news of another, perhaps even retracts admonished: "stop!". The two women also understand clearly that thirty is the only bit of romance, more leaves more flowers for your marriage is gradually becoming bored of them, but no one brave enough to waive the inmost desire ...

The occasion last year, her husband had a long day trip you should plan you think sent his foreign and fly out of the coastal city, where old people are living. At the same time, he told my sister will attend the Festival in which to satisfy his photography hobby. You and I will go together in the same table as in a normal trip to the family. Out to the place, they will tear travelers to along with "on the network" transforms the sweet, captivates the virtual world proved true on appointment the night before, the sudden high fever's sister. It's only you my sister silently perform "plan".

On her return, she was impatient questions about tracing the happiness thief awkward. After a while away, you sardonic says: "Know that would rather not meet longer than". Turns out the old man became man by the abdomen phệ, baldness rather than form dietetics dietetics as on the picture. You you can not accept the attitude of the vập mallet. Beautiful than have to watch him run into coarse toilet hotels to set up correct answers the phone my wife constantly call to ... Listen you conclude: "should only on the network it should not ... on the bed" whose heart she felt confused. From the minute I'm not ... escape to attend the Festival with you, you seem so sad reply gradually these solicitations.

A few days later, when she still are asking themselves what to do, just forever "on the net" or should meet once and then disillusionment and "farewell soon relieve suffering", she received the call of your panic. You have just discovered her husband since you are "virtual" Pets: "When his ... the United Network spike leaves with this person, ironically, her husband also leaves flowers on the Spike network with others!" The sentence comes from confusion between the virtual world and real life friend, Sonic's constantly, when she quietly looking back memories with you for the last time, and then the decision will always lock Facebook...=