Discover your new date (18/1)

Jiujiang Ocean (1/3-1/4)

It would be better if will maintain Transatlantic can clear a little more today, don't "meandering" and then take time. Naturally you don't want somebody lost, but things will be more clear when you can be straight with them.

Today Ocean needed External change to life becomes richer. Today you can casually meet again an old friend.

Love: today is the perfect day to Ocean adventure will maintain and decisive action. If you like one, you need to take the initiative to the enemy before you leave.

Career: work can make you exhausted energy physically and mentally. Please turn on this the occasion to relax and "recharge the batteries" meanings.

Taurus (21 April-20 May)

An interesting day, with much fun knocking home. It seems that the universe sends to you the laughter, humor and makes the soul you are so radiant. This is your opportunity to try new things, ask the questions and wait the interesting answers.

Today Taurus will have a chance to demonstrate his stamina. A person very dear to you requiring you to be patient. The speed of this amount in you will make the enemy more and more love you more.

Love: Taurus should extend the circle of his friends. Although you will be busy, but please believe that doing this will be worth in the long run.

Career: personal success came with you. Don't rush proved to boast. Modest manners will help you get the respect and cooperation from the other person.

Gemini (May 21-June 21)

This is the time to consider a Twin financial problem seriously and resolve the unfinished debt, whether you like it or not. When you focus, all apologized quickly.

Today you will not meet much luck. You should avoid these problems turned the hammer. You will conveniently handle things more simply.

Love: your instincts are very accurate. Make offer if you feel the time is right. But if the intuition that no, wait until other occasions.

Career: the atmosphere at work quite seriously and heavily. Gemini can consent according to the situation. But you will do better if it helps improve the mood of his colleagues.

Cancer (June 22-July 22)

Today, the decision of the Cancer could be violent opposition, but not so lost his steadfastness. The abundant energy sources are suitable to you avoidable, his confidence up.

The morning of today, will Award a great idea. If you continue to pursue and develop it, you will be the character attention and applause throughout the rest of this month.

Love: Let's restrain ourselves when in front of her lover. If you let emotion develops, you will spend a lot of time to soothe the opposition.

Career: do you feel the enthusiasm in the work are at the level of the alarm? Cancer needs to be rested more. If you can not think of the job today, you will find your inspiration.

Leo (July 23-August 23)

The administrative problems that may cause the lion mood today was not good. If you can delay this work into the new week, all will be fine.

Lions win the war area of the new work, the social ladder or personal. Let's share your rewards from the san with the one close to you.

Love: the last lion "rebellion" a bit? Today, let's make everybody have to surprise with your personality.

Career: can't work also resounding success. But small achievements will also help enhance the spirit of labor engrossed. Let's tentatively pleased with what you achieved today.

Virgo (August 23-September 22)

Thinking of Virgo today especially sharp, then let it help you analyze any small signal that you get, then look for specific solutions to the problems you encounter, even us "tricky" something.

Please know improvising. If you proved too rigid when the situation has changed, you will receive only the underdogs.

Love: lover hiding her true feelings. Virgos need to observe further, deeper if you want to know everything.

Career: When other people talk, you feel like being isolated in addition. You will want to do. Listen to hear them, because you will learn more.

Libra (September 23-October 22)

Dear someone will introduce a new friend to Libra, and this is the great opportunity for a real relationship. Don't miss this opportunity, please see if you can do anything.

Today Libra will have the opportunity to develop the innate leadership. The plans do you build will proceed very smoothly.

Love: Please behave, Act, dress your own preferences. Don't be afraid to sight. You will be engaging a person's looks very fit.

Career: don't give up whatever you experience how difficult the problem. It will not disappear, and only prolong suffering for you.

Scorpions (October 23-November 21)

To this day, everything has the stress, but you know you can arrange all for, as if you try. Just a bit more pleasant, will claim the opposition understand his thinking.

Today though, you don't want to get rid of a competition authority. Please accept and actively attack. It was the only victory chances.

Love: If you don't like out in the winter weather, please PM as suddenly. A break in the House alone will help you mentally more relaxed.

Career: you are extremely stressful. Whatever the reason, you should also refrain from temperamental a bit. You will not want to harm relations with other people when you aggression with them.

Sagittarius (November 22-December 21)

There is nothing that Sagittarius can't handle today, especially the problems with details. Plus, you also have the help of a friend, who can help you to solve everything in any direction to be all over.

You will reach a new milestone in his life. Let's continue and see if it will lead you to.

Love: People you like can get stuck. Centaurs will not hesitate to help power ramps. The bounty of nature you will help you close more than after the event.

Career: You will get few rewards, though not in kim. But thanks to them, your work will be more advanced.

Capricorn (December 22-19/1)

The abundant energy sources help you calculate spending so that rational and more effective. Before cash out of pocket, check whether you need to stuff that don't have, don't be hasty.

The ghost may be struggling or deadlock in his career. Do not despair because the situation will not last forever. If you are still optimistic and determined to rise up, success will come to you.

Love: today is the day very strangely if you dating. Because everyone, including The Ma will also try to paint itself than reality.

Career: the people around you are curious and wins the contention. The psychology of Ma The much simpler. Please wear they fight with each other because you are happy with what you are.

Aquarius (20/1-1/2)

This is probably not the most exciting day of the year of Aquarius, but at least they give you a pleasant spirit. Take advantage of this opportunity to read the book you like, please meet friends, relatives in the family.

Today Aquarius will fall into a situation quite hang on oăm. The thing you should do is give, or negotiation. Make out a little bit and you will continue to have a fun day.

Love: sometimes you just need to "Refresh" the old tips only. Today lovers will marvel at an old romantic action as your new one.

Career: If work today, you will repeatedly be bothered, interrupted. Maybe you would like to terminate earlier than normal.

PISCES (19/2-20/3)

Today Pisces closer contact with art, so give yourself the opportunity to the galleries, the Museum ... to meet people and Exchange feelings with them. Enjoy the moments of this value.

The dream of Pisces are always more attractive. You can immerse yourself in there for some time, but remember to wake up at the right time.

Love: You have too many problems to the point when people offer to help, love you will only want to refuse. At least you should also play the role of listening and comforting.

Career: If colleagues try to entice you into their troubles, you should refuse. Take a hold of yourself, and you will be even more fun.=