Do not ask why love breaks if you are still innocent to do these 5 things

Do not respect that person

Love must always be associated with respect and equality. Every person who loves will love his or her best, always sacrificing everything for the one he loves. But once sacrificed, it must be paid off.

Who love but not angry, contradictory. The important thing is to be able to control your feelings and respect your loved one at that time. Absolutely do not say out of anger, out of control and say the words should not be said.

Lack of physical intimacy


Love in the morning is a good thing, but can't just hold hands and embrace. Love must be associated with "sex" but not in the morning forever, it is not called love, but it is just like friendship.

When two people belong to each other completely physically and mentally, then there is the most intense affection. Lacking this, you should remember your relationship is at an alarming level.

Lack of sharing

None of us was born to comprehend a person. You keep angry and don't talk, share anything with that person. Remember that nobody understands you by yourself. So don't try to be angry and make him understand you.

A relationship that wants to be persistent must share sadness and difficulties with each other. The opening of your heart is a sign of your trust in the person.

Lack of generosity

As a human being, no one is immune to mistakes. We are often forgiven and taught to never make those unfortunate mistakes again. We need to learn tolerance, to forgive the ones we love. The ancients had the phrase "Beat the runner but no one to run back".


Being open to forgiveness will make your significant other love and respect you more. If you only live in the past, criticizing the person is like killing yourself and yourself.

Lack of sweetness

Men are easy to bow to women who are gentle and small. Not having a little bit of talk is making a fuss. You must be a sweet, restrained woman, and above all, never say offensive words to him. As long as you're sweet, he'll ask to die at your feet.