Do rich strawberry, I don't feel good!

When I prepare to step into your House do the bride, have they told me that I was the person in the countryside, right in the moment, standing gait, my eating still strong substance. They are the capital they are very wealthy, as the population of traders have many attempts ... to adapt is not simple. I was laughing except him. Now every recall this, my heart again.

In the new blanket blanket louse ... have known

Graduated from University, I worked in a school and meet you. I'm not inferior to capacity, something inferior about wages ... but the world my home and home is very different.

In my hometown, my dad died young, my mother alone raising 3 sisters I ate school. Who are also University and school stability when out of work very soon. In my hometown, my house is still home to the tile 3, old, MOSS. Also, in Hanoi, the family Groove those years, the fabric should trade him very rich. In the House, beautiful space like the Palace because the imported furniture.

Getting married is more than 1 year but now my life is never comfortable. Every month the couple I must still contribute money to my husband to eat, spending for the family. That amount as the amount I have to pay for accommodation and eat overpriced.

Because his family lived with his paternal grandparents should have the harsh life. Is strawberry, I have to get up early to cook breakfast dishes. However, when both food I cooked all decry a lot. Lam at when in the feast, people cooking and remove the chopstick to eat anymore ... I am angry enough to never want to cook the food again. Many minutes I go out with the attitude of sadness and anxiety. But, still I can't escape the packed dimensions, the husband who should ever I must also think of 3 savory, 2 vegetables. Packed dimensions, I have mom husband helps but still horrible pressure.

After getting married, I still have to go to work steadily but must also regularly the creative cooking, creativity, creative dishes in purchase in purchase gifts for my husband's family. I feel that is the pressure and I'm very tired.

My past habits, too, was her husband's family intervened. When I sit to eat rice, I invite both eat ... My grandmother yelled at right, I must invite every one of them. "Now out of Hanoi's new lifestyle, not as in my hometown that Venice so grasp both wands". When finished cooking the feast for both the home, all food trays out everyone eat almost done, I am starving but forgot to invite ... I also was exposed to both the Red xiểng.The old days at not getting married, I was up there at the library reference documents the work, have at me was the book to read ... But when the husband is finished I can not maintain the alibi for not be facilitated.

Get rich husband who also think I am happy. His mother in his hometown when he visits my home and return to the motherland is also excited to sleep many nights ... But you know that I am suffering. When to visit my mother, for my mother was a little bit of money, the role of the head down to hug my mother, I want to stay with the mother country, I really like to cry up with mom ... But I didn't dare to express true feelings. I am afraid of my mom back down, losing sleep.=