Do Strawberry mistreatment because 'the doctor said the wedding'

We love each other from level three. To Hanoi to study, both of each break for many reasons that do not understand why we still go back together, to last field of the unwanted consequences, must marry soon by the thai in the abdomen at every ...

That is where the Bao is always wedding wedding, taking about your loyalties came when the child I to the sixth month. Don't know your mother, who loves me, who listen go, teller "abortion doesn't live through the fifth month", so, for example, once her Thursday for wedding.

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Finally came the day I hop flowers, wedding dresses are where the wire bow tie. Sides relatives, friends, fun, bless us. Everyone laughed said trying out looks natural but I know in my heart they each thought, people then me, but many people who come to me are just curious to see what costume bride "kaloula baleata belly".

I family and extremely embarrassing, whenever your friends to come as I flushed face. I tried to make out the natural look but in the insecurity, fear, feeling like at that has the discretion under ground in chappy I ready chui right down to not feel lost face with friends and people to attend.

Married not for how long, I had to fall for you husband has not passed the age of the children was giddy on up. He also publicly go flirt outside, making me feel warm memories. The abdomen once a day to, that Allied not Hoai Exchange to me.  I was also to "bride mother-in-law". From when I was about to do the bride to her husband, his mother didn't ask me a question. She has open with just the words ball wind, cool. She tells the story of the new neighborhood restaurant Strawberry taken together have about that "beyond the surface", that is "the daughter now easy truth" didn't like the old days ...

The mother also said that after this will take my baby away DNA tests to see if her grandson is not true. When thinking of the saying of the mother-in-law is happy I felt a sharp pain, just know hugging crying in a room alone to help the bag.=