Example removing abortion not, he threw the money straight in my face

After graduating from HIGH SCHOOL, I do not contest the University that thanks to acquaintance would give workers in BAC Ninh. Home I should have though parking is poor college student, I can't afford to pay for College. I plan to go to work soon, just have the money to help the family, has contributed to the area when enough capital will open a sewing. But while there was 1, I've struck the net. He is a tall, good-looking guy, strong and full of masculinity. I met you in one go to karaoke with friends, he is the brother of a friend in the group.

I am extremely distressed when find yourself offended so heavily.

The age of 18 to death, I fondly believe every word he says. You said, you are making the market very strenuous work, should not have time for love. When you meet me, I was the most appropriate and you want to marry me. Do people love him, I'll be loving you, take care and worry. I no longer have to worry about money again.

Then you as wild animals plunge into me, even to me screaming, crying. After then, you said you will be responsible. I only know what he said and wait, hoping for a happy wedding ... The day after that, he still visited where I frequent and I also requires it. He said his work pressure, I help him be comfortable moments. I listen to you because you hurt.

About 2 months later, I found myself pregnant. When, you're very worried and frightened. Back home, he begged my Messaging abortion, both now also needy, unable to bear children out and then let me bear the agony. But I do not accept. I don't want to give up her child. See I am adamantly, uk turned out to audition coercion. He said flatly: "you don't solve the us terminated". I cursed spirit to the extent of decline could not go to work, but he is not interested in that. You see me less, each day im just referring to abortion.

I know can not getting people which should see the last to speak. Unbelievably this encounter him the face, thrown out in front of me a tangle of drugs and drink. Dead silence when I know it is the abortion pill. I suddenly found a disgusting human tricks like him.

Finally, there's no way pressed I removed it, he threw it in my face 2 thousand 500 sheets, do what I want, he is no longer responsible.

What made me even more shocking was his company told me he had a wife and have children in BAC Giang Province. The more I blame myself how much I fool as injured son in the abdomen. It is guilty of sexual I dare you five times seven weekly claiming to kill it.

While writing this I look forward 2 from liability from fucking man like you. But I want the friends and relatives he knew the true nature of man he is. One more thing I want to say that 500 thousand 2 sheets that have starved mother nor am I. I will give birth, raising children alone and that may one day he will regret.=