Exhausting to know my husband gay right wedding night

In the dream, I also could not believe himself to be the victim of a horrible story to the world. A dream wedding ceremony took place with so East guests a magnificent wedding, groom to high, handsome, well-to-do family, currently working in a foreign company, earnings are very good, I also expected something more? But indeed, all just the casing of a true horror that I was the main character.

The tragedy was planned in advance.

3 months from when BAM, I admit is their new old love farewell, and you said that not long ago were back with one. He came to me in a gentle way, always take little interest in me. I-a woman aged 27, also want to quickly set up the family by friends is also warm, while the yen nor anything ugly cam. So, when you see a "basic", gentle, family Groove, I quickly agreed on making the home the bride.

Before the wedding night, indeed, I have had the interval really great, it's the emotional experience of my daughter, I was hoping to go get married, will live happily, will have beautiful children, will wholeheartedly care for her family. But it all evaporated into the foam SOAP at the right moment of the most sacred. I finished cleaning up the lobby, ready for a first night, but my husband when finished seating, concentration of alcohol smell entered anonymously, kneeling under my feet and cry, I fear what is happening then you tangle the word before, you say sorry for cheating on me, he is gay, not "standard glaze" as I thought. I'm dead completely when you hear the words, while selling the credit sale, he my husband pulled out photographs of old lover years ago, in the picture, you're kissing a man. By this time, I would have understood.

When approached me, he has a clear m峄痷 sound, is married to a man who is about to marry down. You also acknowledge and agree that if I want to, they can go outside, because otherwise you will also definitely go "search period", by this time, I could not stand it anymore and tears like rain. I found myself really, the life treats me cruel, truth is the asshole for giving my future as a game to him. I don't know you can share this tragic story with anyone, I'm so embarrassed. But also saw her husband really, the day after the wedding sequence is not only the pain but also of my own. He is trying to make up for me, but I do not understand is I can tolerate as long anymore.=