Falling heads because the first look at you girl wearing bikini.

contrary to everything I've ever dreamed, the minute I put the towels for children, all have collapsed completely., bikini, dai hoc sinh vien, vien, collectors, the spikes ...

I am currently the last year students of a university town. Time last year, I am often up library searching documents for completion projects. Once on the library, I'm check your document, a girl also brought out books to read and I sat near my place.

Fragrances from your tonality Austria children spread gently led me associated Jasmine incense or Lotus flavor. Sympathetic at first, my new Kingdom la talk. So students year 3 of the Faculty in the school. I share you have the habit to the Gallery every Friday.

Picture 1 of Falling heads because the first look at you girl wearing bikini. Photo 1 of Falling heads because the first look at you girl wearing bikini.

Contrary to everything I've ever dreamed ...

We talked while and looks quite fit. The ' reunion ' of me and you probably will not know until the end, if there is no alarm bell runs out of the library. Know the habits of children, so Friday I tried to arrange everything to up to meet you and talk with you. There are 2 minutes up, wait forever that I can't see, I think you're busy today. All that day I Europe melancholy, Moody, education not on anything.

One time I know I have a crush on you. Then I took the guts of a man says things off stones that: I love you. Our love started from there.

The girl that brings the beauty of Holiness, gentle. The reading intently at you, your cloud my hair loose, tossing lightly glide side window frames; Double eyebrow raised eyebrows at you double (maybe something makes you wonder how hard to understand, or blame something in the book) or when I laugh tủm I like being alone I take away the ' soul '.

I still remember like in the first meet you, see the watch you when you stand up out of. Although I do not speed but I still see me thướt tha. Though I'm not in chalk in g but I still see page points you dashing. Every step you take I see children as in all the most beautiful Oriental girl silhouette.


When, fortunately for me was quick to earn a job as Italy. Excited about this joy I have little party organization. The party ends at midnight. All evening I would expect. But I'm busy all day and I've been to my place when outdoors at that rainy, on hand is the gift you give me. Thus, looking at you I told you in instant change. Indeed while in love we also have the desire of each other but trying to return my heart back.

Through the plate glass doors, no good expanding virtual blur, I see em-body looming silhouette that I love from the first moment. Suddenly I called with: ' I forgot to bring a towel. Help me with the reason '. I open the door and hold the towels I put ... The first time I saw you in bikini, wet body sũng.

Thinking of the girl in swimsuit outfit must people will imagine the hottest body of the woman. However contrary to everything I've ever dreamed of when the body of old, the minute I put the towels for children, all have completely collapsed.

I think I'm beautiful, beautiful so will have to own the three measurements of the standard tune ' not needed ' round (in normal dress I feel that). But when in the bikini then ... I was your eyes. Often double date ' Bong ' island mound is the central point of every look, me too. But when draining off the outside, in the swimsuit I see you use.

I still think I have the true waist, hourglass-shaped compact visibly when look at you from a distance. But no, it was the bread of the channel. Anyone buds I think of Renaissance women pictures. EO bread's beauty. But this time it is what my sister would also like to avoid. I nearly dropped the towel when taken for children. ' You what? '-you asked me. I lie grieving heart: ' uh, no. He only slightly presumptuous when I like this '.

In the meantime I am somewhat confused. This is an example of a saying: ' the truth ' blatant. I need a glass of cold water at the moment.=

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