Falling heads when plotted 'inverted baskets' new boss broke perhaps

Graduated from College, I didn't go home please work that bind stayed in Hanoi. Months of hard, scattered throughout the record King of companies are hiring, at last I was bookkeeper for a construction company.

Just on my company has become the focus of attention, especially with male colleagues. I have a lovely pretty skin, tall, double dimpled again gracious so be happy you got the antennae.

Go do not be long but the satellites around me growing up. But in fact, among those who pursue me, I ain't dot be. He looks sickly small prosper, Gimpy, looking tired. He looks to be the less than 5 million income a month, so how can there be long term future. So I cleaned all, not to one who counters the United Kingdom. I am aiming for an audience to another, just beautiful code, have money, leave calmly, poise, that's the Director.

I do not have the opportunity to contact with the boss, for new employees is should I just meet you during lunch hour, and then the meeting. I adore the look of demeanor Sir Sir, I silently hurt at not memory or identity theft.

I find the way to make an impression with the boss but not eat the loser, months passed and I still have yet to approach boss added. Are the chances at discouraging to me. Running to the Festival established the company, unions organize cultural exchanges. I was assigned a single ca, this works for me no problem, I have gifted singing. This is the opportunity to score points with the boss, I had to invest in its repertoire very thoroughly, from costumes, to the song.

All goes well according to my idea, after singing a repertoire, the boss looked at me very enthusiastic applause applause. I laugh with my boss, charming smile possible. Later that day, my boss called me up and own the room work, discuss pretext of work but I know Italian foursome of Sir. Cleverly leaving the phone number for my boss, I reason Institute "what fold me just call Sir".

Today, I and my boss frequently chat messaging, is 1, you would love me. I'm glad as open flag in the abdomen, the fish were biting sentences, now just need wisdom, a little ruse to boss belongs to me, so I have completed their plans.

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The secret coffee in the afternoon took place more often, you don't want to publicly the relationship to avoid gossip I should want to keep confidential. I agree not to little else, the sooner people know well. Then, far more than the drink, me and my boss dating each other in the hostel. Enlist a short lunch hour, and the boss wrapped the awkward feeling taken together, thief makes both me and my boss more tired.

The relationship lasted nearly half a year I started to feel impatient, yet what seem'd boss openly with everyone. Recalling his time in love, in addition to lodging, we apparently have not gone elsewhere, I haven't met any of his friends, also do not know the House where. Think of going back, I think the final decision, I will "drop" to stick elected and then forced to marry.

Count on it, that day I date my boss out of "the Center" as every time, of course you got no doubt, agree to go along.

Then 1 month, I be late June. Look at the existing red line 2 stick, I was just thrilled, just worry. Only the last step again, I will officially become Chief, will become mistress of this company, and my life will turn a new page. I drew a picture of the whole pink and then going in there.

However, the other with my desire, my boss received the news I have voted completely serene. When I asked my boss got married I don't, Sir quietly pulled out a desk drawer in the photo, said I see. I look at photos that stunned, unsteady legs. It's the wedding photo of the boss with a woman, incredibly beautiful.

I fell thụp down, tears flow not controlled, stutters asked world is like. The boss threw me the cold: "I got married, the last time just as I travel for pleasure, I have no intention of abandoning his wife, nor will marry her". I hurt, shocked screams fucking asshole boss yelled at, just dug out boss said: "I prefer not to deliberately reach me or what, I just follow what she desires, don't think of taking the child out, I pressed her DIY take away".

My ears ringing for special to hear what he says, it's no surprise, what I calculate, you know. He was trying to fool myself, I turn me into a person who satisfies him throughout time. God, why did I fool.

I veered away from the Office, despite everyone sleepy doesn't understand what's happening. I hatred that man to the bone marrow, but responsibility for the stars, is because I started, and then again into his own trap. I know what to do now, naturally in my belly, it's newer than 1 month of age. I hurt myself, both my children.=