For women, bad husbands just leave but live and die absolutely must hold on to these 3 things

1. Children

If a woman gets a bad husband, she will quit and not regret. But you should definitely remember your children, no matter how difficult it is to not give up. No matter how angry his husband is, how much he hates him, the child he has given birth to must not be thrown away.

Because the most sacred women's life is to be a mother, it is better to have the reputation of divorce rather than the voice of mother abandoning her child. It's fine to be a single parent, as long as you can raise a healthy and happy child.

2. Myself

Married women often tend to abandon themselves, no longer look beautiful, buy skirts and clothes to wear. Because they think that now that their husband and children are dressed, no one looks.

But because of that thought, their husbands had an affair. Men themselves always prefer beautiful, neat wife, not clothes, hair always like auntie. Therefore, smart women are bound to love their husbands and children but also know how to invest in themselves. When you know how to beautify yourself, men will be loyal to themselves.


3. Purpose of living

What do you live for? What hobbies and dreams do you want to fulfill ?. As a woman, you must know what you want and need. Even getting married, don't let marriage get in your way. Do not live for men, because in this world men can not trust 100%. Don't let your husband decide your life, you must decide your own destiny.