'Hallway' about his 12 Zodiac

Aries (Birch) March 21 – April 20

Personality: who in this powerful personality constellation but tempers.

Pros: spacious, do the confident, decisive, independent, intelligent, dare to think, dare to do quick, enthusiastic, able to adapt to the competition.

Cons: tastes, higher self winner, pliable, impulsive, impatient, apathy, healthier living offended others.

Constellation: Libra

Color: Red

Lucky colors: green (representing the human charm), red (love)

Lucky flowers: flowers Kim Duke, cherries, beer, Nettle, Tulip.

Lucky day: Tuesday

Taurus (Taurus) 21/09-20/05/05

Characteristics: people with this constellation in the gentle temperament, composurePros: London, calmly, faithful, practical living, working responsibly, be careful, be patient, save, a visionary.

Cons: Dè Strasbourg, passive, bigotry, heat, slow, lack of adventurous spirit, like possession.

Constellation: Tiger compatible Cables

Color: Green

Lucky colors: purple, red, blue (representing the human charm), Orange (your maximum)

Lucky flowers: rose, Violet, clove purple, Roman Chamomile, peppermint.

Lucky day: Friday

Each constellation is a separate personality.

Gemini (Gemini) may 21-June 20

Personality: who in this constellation very vivacious, smart.

Pros: sharp, Spry, whose creativity, inquisitive, many hobby, high adaptability, multi talented, socialite.

Cons: frivolity, like novelty, boring!, no patience and determination, the lack of responsibility in solving the problem.

Compatibility: Sagittarius constellation

Color: yellow

Lucky color: Blue (representing the human charm) gray and silver color (your maximum)

Lucky flowers: jasmine, Orchid, Hybrid Yes, incense, lavender, Lily of the Valley, the Rhododendron.

Lucky day: Wednesday

Cancer (Cancer) June 21-July 22

Personality: who in this constellation is fairly sensitive, discreet.

Advantages: gentle, kind, rich in love, loyalty, patience, good memory, rich imagination, love, thoughtfulness, love to take care of others, have cooking.

Cons: sensitive, cynical, conservative, like dramatic, sad, shy, as actinodaphne ellipticbacca work, grabbed the safety, life is slightly negative.

Constellation: Serow

Color: white, cream, gray

Lucky color: Indigo and green (representing the human charm) gold and silver color (your maximum)

Lucky flowers: Lilies, Jasmine, Lilies, herbs, Center of technology Post.

Lucky day of the week: Monday

Leo (the Lion) 23/07-22/08

Personality: who in this constellation very powerful personality and versatility.

Pros: generosity, confidence, love life, enthusiastic, straight, working independently, like sharing the fun with others, be creative and leadership abilities.

Cons: taking the children, arrogant, unruly, spoiled, popular, ambitious singer, like bullying others, lack of caution.

Constellation: Aquarius

Color: Red Brown, bronze

Lucky colors: black, blue (representing the human charm) orange (your maximum)

Lucky flowers: Sunflowers, yellow Chamomile flower, Rosemary, Mint, Patula.

Lucky day: Sunday

Virgo (Virgo) August 23-September 22

Personality: who in this constellation very gentle and fascinating lobe.

Pros: painstaking, meticulous, discreet, work reason, clear, neat, have high stamina, ability to analyze, focus on details, don't like change.

Cons: Like picky, inward, or infamous barrel, passive, foresight, somewhat frail, like other people, critics say, is hot in a hurry.

Constellation: Pisces

Color: dark grey, blue, dark purple

Lucky color: Blue (symbolizing the human charm), Brown, green (your maximum)

Lucky flowers: flower-crowned chickens, Cloves, Ghost Orchid, Orchid, felt Nostalgic.

Lucky day: Wednesday.

Libra (Libra) September 23-October 22

Personality: who in this constellation very friendly and lovely.

Pros: charming, romantic, loving, artistic, skillful diplomacy, charm, good staff, easy to reach, has the spirit of cooperation, said sympathy for others.

Cons: lazy, generous spending, like evading work easy to quit mid-way, unrealistic, or hesitant, indecisive, unable to live without friends.

Constellation: Aries

Color: Pastel pink, blue, light green

Lucky colors: yellow, Orange and Red (symbolizing the human charm), purple (maximum)

Lucky flowers: rose, Violet, Yingchun, vanilla

Lucky day: Friday

Scorpion (cable) October 23-November 21

Personality: who in this constellation very carefully, patiently and calmly.

Pros: elegant, knowledgeable, patient, dependable, courageous, know the secret, adventurous, courageous, able to observe the subtle, love hate, perfectly adamant.

Cons: the quiet, melancholy, impulsive, want to do, do, confident, skeptical, like possession, a sense of jealousy, professional rights.

Compatibility: Taurus constellation

Color: Red-Brown, dark red and black

Lucky color: pale yellow and green (representing the human charm), dark grey and sea green (your maximum)Lucky flowers: flower Sea Way, Chamomile flower, cherry blossom, cinnamon, Mint, Pepper blossom.

Lucky day: Tuesday

Sagittarius (Sagittarius) November 22-December 21

Personality: who in this constellation is often very fast swallow, fun.

Pros: optimistic, confident, friendly, humble, compassionate, tolerant, active, like discover, love life freedom, have foresight, plan for life.

Cons: giddy, desperate, frivolity, lack of careful and attentive, no patience, often idealized every problem, think simple.

Constellation: Song Nam

Color: yellow, cream, dark blue

Lucky colors: Green were out (representing the human charm), blue, purple and black (your maximum)

Lucky flowers: Carnations, Dandelion flowers, Orchid.

Lucky day: Thursday

Capricorn (Fin) December 22-January 19

Personality: who in this constellation temperament, modest and cartridge size.

Pros: honest, diligent, diligently, carefully calculated, steadfast, have patience, honest, responsible, working in dependability, think deeply, not afraid of strenuous and boring.

Cons: little has sense of humor, seriousness, bigotry, calculate the genus li, conservative, have wild mind and ambition, the tyranny, the reason, the work often only think of yourself first.

Constellation: Cancer

Color: black, gray, dark brown, green.

Lucky color: blue, purple and coffee (representing the human charm), blue (your maximum)

Lucky flowers: Daffodils, Magnolia, Natural Menopause, Farfalla.

Lucky day: Friday

Aquarius (Aquarius) January 20-February 18

Personality: who in this constellation very quick, smart and energetic.

Advantages: smart, creative, independent, resilient, resourceful, have tolerance, have foresight, progressive, educated, liberal favorite tastes.

Cons: indifferent, lukewarm, confusing, difficult to grasp, fear of annoying, impulsive, giddy, don't like to obey discipline, like teasing others.

Constellations: Leo

Appropriate colours: iridescent colors

Lucky color: Black Silver and gold (symbolizing the human charm), blue (your maximum)

Lucky flowers: Flowers, camellias, orchids

Lucky day: Friday and Saturday

PISCES (Pisces) February 19-March 20

Personality: who in this constellation very introverted, gentle.

Pros: sober, have aesthetic eye and artistic talent, rich minds, rich in altruism, understand who engraved, digital computer, trust in his intuition, tenderness, thoughtful, emotional life.

Cons: effeminate, shy, lack of sincerity, not reality, or think the butt wiggle, works good, not hesitated to financial management, the most sentimental, melancholy.=