Happy late of the woman over 40

(MissNews)-people still said "Son 30 years longer spring, daughter age 30 already acidosis on the old", therefore that Heals has over 10 years of age and 30 odd., hanh phuc, Thorn, gia dinh ...

In his home country, not go study what, 25 years old daughter has been considered slow bombs, who met also asked took my husband yet. To 27, 28 to be ranked obviously unsuccessful girl tag Healthy girl was unsuccessful. ten years today.

Heal was not the lucky endowed for beauty. She d ' état d ' état black, tall but lean back nhẳng, many cigars pancake back, you look indifferent the male fish. But in contrast, docile, make sure you're Healthy, good trade difficult. She worked in clinics daily repenting, Township of Toad mini bike go do, tan office hours, Heals back to begin the work of a farmer, she minced cooked pig breeding, and thank you for cheap chicken, vegetable garden, she take constipation always fresh young green meat, season would form, full , no lack of anything.

20s at clean, there are also three metal breastplates asked, but she disagreed. And then time passed, flicking at the crushed look back, Heal has stepped over the threshold of the age of 30, she still goes on odd ball. Only a healthy mother was beyond 70, her mistake all day, lũi said that no, you Heal the dismal life of the ball.

Also from there, nobody mentions the story of the wedding, love Heals. Heal also bored something dating, find out. Only her mother, every year still hear see there is a good teacher, quietly cutting sound coast. Dozen years passed, she does not know how much money's poured, LAT, go wear slippers do not know how much the teacher, she still doesn't love a piece squeezed shoulders.

In 42 years, Healthy old age started flooding, more Healthy, more faraway. She is not longer sufficient that go shopping for my daughter coast bridge ceremony again, then abruptly declared the fresh flowers in the car. Off to say, both villages, all the Fresh story coil Township, married, it's like a very large about events in this small township. Healthy man take out 50 years, divorced his wife and had two children who built his own family.

Photo : Happy late of the woman over 40

Happy late of the woman over 40 Happiness is finally smiling with her (artwork)

See, it's the gentle man, was difficult, but the wife was stabbed too gentle. She paired the Bo's wife several years outside that my husband still don't know anything, until she threw for her husband the divorce application to publicly come in with lover then he fell on heads out. So is the one who went.

Married, the husband of his wife at home as Healthy. From there, fun, Healthy radiance, must seem melancholy on my face seems to disappear. She with these neighbors, just looking forward to having children, lived to this age and all she wanted was know how. So that God seems to still challenge the patience of her. The wedding was almost 1 year, Heal is still no vote. Family atmosphere back fall into silence. Have the soy sauce or Fresh pancake being "deaf". Heal just know ... quiet crying silently.

She is not doomed, she asked this person, the other, the seat would have drugs or you are diving Wade to visit the clinic, East West Medicine, what Fresh pills also try. Aspires to be a burning in the heart of motherhood for her more power and strength.

In the end, luck smiles to her. The day I discovered Fresh, happy to limp fainting.

Look at older children are asleep drunk, happy smiling Healthy, she is bad to the peg leg pants, boy winter again going on. Occasionally, stop, put on Fresh push the crib for my son from the startled woke.

Finally, at the age of 44, happy stay well with Heal, although there are somewhat belatedly but immensely fulfilling.