Her boyfriend's mother told her to get pregnant, but when she got pregnant, she only received the sentence: Maybe it was my nephew

Chung and Trang love each other so far has more than 1 year, everyone looking at also said two beautiful couple. Trang himself finds himself fortunate to meet such a good man as Chung, everything in him is perfect. The only thing that kept Trang worried was that she didn't know if her boyfriend wanted to determine this long-term relationship.

The reason Trang was worried was because he loved time even though Trang brought Chung to debut with his parents, but when she opened her wish to go back to Chung's home, he kept hitting him. Just dragging like that made Trang tired, so she once asked directly:

- Do you love me in a playful way or want to identify me properly?


- Oh, I asked strange. For over 1 year, I am still very loyal to you, there is no way to catch two hands. Of course, I want to marry you.

- So why don't you take me to your parents' debut?

- So you're sad because of that? I want to take you home too, but .

- Is there something you hide from me? He said go, but at this rate I was very curious.

- Do you promise to calm down? Only then did he dare to speak.

- All right, just say it.

- Actually, long ago his mother wanted me to marry a girl near his house, she also said that her rich family wanted to marry her and her father applied for him in the countryside. But I refused, I told her that my mother told me that if I was pregnant, we would let both of us come together.

- So your mom wants us to 'eat first'?

- My mother's age now wants to have a grandchild so I wait for it. Do not be angry with me.

When I heard my boyfriend say that, Trang realized that I have misunderstood her boyfriend for a long time. Loved each other more than 1 year but Trang did not want to exceed the limit because she was determined to keep her daughter's life until the wedding night.

But listening to his boyfriend's misery in knowing that his mother expected a grandchild to hold her, Trang closed her eyes and dedicated it to Chung because she thought that sooner or later she would be his wife.

I thought everything was good and unexpected. When Trang knew that she was pregnant, Trang excitedly called to inform her mother-in-law in the future. Thinking she would rush to talk to her parents, Trang was shocked when Chung's mother said:


- I hate the most in this world, the type of girl pregnant before marriage. But surely, the baby in my stomach was the son of Chung family.

- What do you mean? Didn't Chung say that he wanted him to be pregnant before he could get married?

- Oh my God, so I was easy because Chung tricked me. To tell you the truth, every day Chung takes a girl to debut, maybe every girl who claims to be pregnant with him must get married to be a bride? My daughter, who doesn't know how to hold herself, blames nobody.

- Uncle.

Hearing that, Trang fainted and collapsed. Now pregnant, but rejected by her boyfriend and his mother, Trang knows what to do .