His promise – three years after she received about the bitter

(MissNews)-you know, sister pain to die alive again, after three years, he promises to pay back my sister like that?, loi hua, 3 in ket hon, spicy dang ...

Siblings are people of the same village, from childhood friends were together, together go through how much the game tho. Growing up, I fell in love the feel of her, of two people flourish in bright and natural.

You finished school, both of which do not take that labor at home. Please sister worked in a textile factory in the neighbourhood, and you go to the Lake side, nomadic. Your feelings that grow up over the years. Five siblings only 20 years old, he asked about her sister's wedding, wife, from her sister to say glad and happy to make. But incredibly, his sister love struck the stop of her sister's family. She said parents should poor I won't agree.

He hurt and resentment of wrath. Also, a sister party to convince his parents, a party to motivate you to try, don't give up. However, Italy sister parents easy move. Been touching pride, he resolved to find a way to get rich, he does not want to be treated like sister home.

At the time, in the villages, the export of labor movement are preteen. Many people who go there are more than 1 year that sent the money on build a House, buy a car. I discuss with you, or to let him go for several years, have less capital going back back to pimp my sister's wedding.

Honestly I don't want to let him go, far apart 3 years tười over đẵng, not unbearable, but think back to the parents, she said, she swallowed tears poor brother approved to let him go. , There is less venture capital later, taken together makes them unable to have lay the little bag.

The day you left, I cried a lot, he promised to end 3 years to my sister, I remember telling you to wait.

The first time I went, I remember him much to spin the fan, but I encourage myself to try because you're strong. She buried early in the work, from early morning to the evening and night, you can't let yourself free at any rang, to not be nostalgia I tormented. But every night, she didn't hide his feelings known, sister, sobbed into the bite pillow was wet cooling because of the tears.

The House he just left a mother, his time away also the time she ran through her care run as mother tongue. His mother brand, always holding hands that sister ứa tears.

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You're almost in contact with each other, by the poor House in the countryside, does not, moreover, to call abroad is something too expensive. A long time ago, I received a letter from you, you said you live very well, you save a sum of money and then, you told my sister please try waiting for you ...

Hold your tears, she fell, she give me ten dam miss you too.

Absorbent time and out well over 2 years passed, her parents she impatiently, pushed me out of this crowd, husband to swarm to ask, you are shaking their heads. Angry dad, sister, sister face threatening evicted, she attempted to save her mother earnestly request for the additional 1 year. She tried to extend the time wait for me.

Only almost 3 months more to go expiry's exports. As close to the day to see her sister, nervous, ... Don't know your brother has not changed much, over 3 years, I found myself also has another go.

One day, you're hashing the bran Cook called BeO, urge her sister to go get the mail. You see his heart throbbing, in addition to your letter, be sure not to be anyone else. Almost half a year now, I totally don't get something from you.

So, finish reading his letter, everything suddenly became dizzy in front of you. The land under the feet as the collapse, she stunned not to know the words that I wrote. He says, I'm so sorry, I've got this other woman, the girl that got pregnant with him. Most of the time, he and the girl will go home for some time, awaiting childbirth done back to that side. I'm sorry for the wait, but sister my sister were young, I wish she find a more deserving person.

She painfully thought dead back to life, not understanding why he can betray how sister laptops, why is cruel to her. I've been waiting for you, with you over đẵng 3 years. Mrs. wilt, languished because of how, you know, not. She hurt too but ill bedridden, her mother found a letter in the pocket of her sister, she cried instead of children, because her daughter hurt Chameleon. She embraced her mother crying non-stop. She found her life why bitter too, the price of a 3-year promise to withdraw, too, just so valuable?