How much love is many times I give

Under the lights, I still feel your breath phảng where are the echo. His footsteps were still disappointed. Uk-the tenth mistress of these guys, I can't remember. Man you guys last month pledging along I go, left alone in the cold room, tears quietly when natural or not. Icy tears of the past and present filled with acrid and bitter.

First love to when I am studying 3rd year University. Home I how to House a small path. Childhood I little, tiny, than you should or be bullied. Each time so he is always a hero to rescue me. As fate from before, and I just followed each other like the picture with the ball. I love you from him, but dare not revealed her crush. When I study, I love with me. Sweet passionate love to the real natural for us. Kisses, hugs and tighten the blend between two passionate soul. No fear, no regret I gave his most precious ones for you.

The path of happiness has the footprint of the world body.

Off the field, and I are both working in the same province, far from home. His work quite smoothly, I on the contrary. I began to feel depressed and whiny seemed over. Thought I would be in my sidebar to motivate ... this time he or tucking your friends, colleagues and ... Do you know another girl and they loved each other. Heaven and Earth as collapse under my feet, I am not and seems to only want to search to the death. You're still worried, still love me but I could not leave her.

Nervousness, painful but he betrayed me, and I accept to let go of the hand. I quietly went out, and they love each other is 2, then do the wedding. The day he married, both small neighborhood I like open Assembly. I only cried quietly after the curtains. I hate you, hate the man silver bẽo ...

Since then, I have dropped lost smile where I don't remember. Anguish in tim quietly eat my soul. Loneliness, boredom has pushed me into the arms of the new man with the desire to be loved, with eager, with enthusiasm for the new age.

The new situation, I plunge into love as ephemera to expel all of the uk. I was lured him into fellatio warm salty moments only after a month of love. I too easy? But it seems the heart new people did not dispel off cold in my heart, the nostalgia he still too large. Whether want or not I still silently comparing them with you. And that feeling of people who do not belong to me, people will leave me one day that'll cram retrieved me. Also just a few months later I love affair ended. People away from me.

One, two, three, ... I don't count anymore. I don't want to remember, then quickly through passionate, sweet and then also faded, memories and then became my obsession. Already five years since her first love-I've had more than a dozen people. Up to now, I still don't understand, love staggering, not pragmatism but also not sincere. Now I'm not looking for a mate, just keep up appearances over the face in cold keep following along for yourself.

The feeling of waiting on new facts, and heavily. I desire to feel is your love. Are your wife and mother, loves her own man all his life.

The man that I would expect to ever appear?=