Husband and wife cultivating a new year should be charming, love or not is a small affair, living together tirelessly is important

The ancients said: 'In the new year, we have to join the boat and cultivate thousands of new years to get married.' Two strange people can walk together on the path of life, that is predestined.

Get the need for etching

Women need to be strong and independent people, but certain outward expressions must be mild. Especially in front of her husband must always be a small, graceful, soft woman.

What are the requirements, what do you think, if you use a gentle method but do not achieve your goals, using aggressive methods cannot be achieved. Words that are hard to hear, prefer to let it dissolve in the abdomen rather than say it, will speak like a flash flood, an immense beast.

There was a man who said: 'Don't be aggressive with a man, when you are aggressive with him, he will think of the other girl's mild temper.'

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Look at the advantages

Many couples get married so long that they seem to have forgotten the original cause of coming together. When they see their spouses are completely flawed, they don't criticize each other, leading to discord. Right or wrong sometimes doesn't matter.

If you look at the advantages more, give more praise, then two natural people are also harmonious and warm.

Good or bad lies in thinking

When there is controversy, the two should not loud or dispute, but instead open up to talk rationally. The most important thing is, if you really think for the other half, hope the two will get along, then the good will help the two quickly overcome the conflict. On the contrary, if the thought is just anger and resentment, how can marriage be like you?

Solving debt

Husband and wife come together, the most binding is debt. Therefore, we need to respect each other, something happens, so we should calm down, find ways to solve it, and use good thoughts to face injustices and unjustly to resolve the evil conditions.

In front of her friends' relatives, she must give him a face

If it is always difficult to keep a gentle temper, it's a bit difficult to stay in the house, just a little hot. But it is not necessary to criticize, lower and humiliate her husband in front of everyone. The man with a little talent and accomplishment is a person with very high self-esteem, very 'thin' face.

The 'peeling' wife in front of everyone will hurt their self-esteem and resentment, which will later cause trouble for you. Moreover, if you don't respect your husband, others won't respect him. People do not honor your husband will not respect you. When the whole family is not respected by others, the family conflict will continue to appear.

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