I came in, my mother-in-law and her husband gave a slap to the sky, and the lady was kneeling on the ground bowing and pleading

I have been married for 7 years now, we have two lovely little children. I was fortunate to marry into a wonderful family with my parents-in-law, and they saw my daughter-in-law as a child, so I treated them very gently and emotionally.

Wedding for 2 years, our husband and I bought a private apartment apartment 6 km from the house. Occasionally, the whole family would come back and eat rice. Our feelings are very good. In the past 7 years, I have always believed in loving my husband because in my eyes he is an exemplary father and husband.


Until a beautiful day, I had to go on a business trip. The business trip lasted 5 days but due to the previous work, it was expected that 3 days would be completed. I went to the airport on Sunday afternoon but didn't tell my husband, I wanted him to be surprised.

But then as I walked to the door, I heard my mother-in-law shouting loudly. I nervously opened the door when I saw her slap her husband like a god and a girl knelt under the house:

- Is your wife going to work to get you home to take you home, howling? Did you give me your parents to look up to Hanoi to pick up this bastard here to sleep? Are you still a human? Fortunately, I read that message . otherwise I don't know when you will be together.

- Bo . you?

I stuttered, now everyone looked up and saw me all shocked.

- You . my wife.

- I . how about this hour.

The dress girl looked at me in a daze. I shouted:

- What is this? You adultery and take you home to sleep? How to sleep in my bed, why can you do that?

- I calmly listen to you explain, my wife.

- Do you think I can calm down, if I bring you home, can you calm down?

I screamed and rushed to beat my husband to slap her, but when I was crazy, my life was never so shocking. These two people are like the neck-necked turtle, my husband has an affair with students and they have been together for 6 months. He covers the inn to spend on it. Yet, recently, he told his wife that he needed money to do business so he could not give it to him as much as before.


After handling her, she and her mother-in-law sent her back because it was not helpful to keep it. If my husband has a position, she is not attractive, the error is also caused by men. In front of my mother-in-law painfully asked her son:

- Mom, I can suffer from suffering but betrayal is not. This son returns to that mother.

- Son, I know you are angry, you know his son is wrong but because two young children can forgive him once? I promise to teach it properly, I apologize to you.

- I'm not at fault, it's his fault.

My husband desperately begs, but I leave the house, pull out all the bedding and throw it in the garbage. Having been betrayed by my husband, who was shocked and shocked, I went home and slept in my bed. I have suffered from depression for a long time, and when I see my husband, I get goosebumps even though he is very sorry. What should I do, this time I will wither, the husband and wife have been in the cold war for nearly a month now, my husband said nothing I was silent. I feel depressed all.