I did the driving Sun in my wife's birthday

With a man, not in pain, bitterness by knowing and having to witnesshis wife picture yourself in c your arms the other guy but I had to experience that feeling.

I and my wife grew up in the same neighborhood. Both once considered pair Gagan bar code and be the family promised each other. I am greater than you were two years old. Our love is so beautiful, it's so romantic. Love you, I had never required that always keep you wedding night.

The love of us beautiful, romantic.

The day I graduated from University I also offer of marriage and getting the nod from her lover. The wedding of two takes place in the joy of family, friends. All are delighted when we should couple the coast. I'm glad to be in love and married women who love themselves and understand themselves.

Full physical life, love the fullness, and actually experiencing the memorable after the marriage.

I and I have a lot of plans for the future. I want to give my students a Princess, a Prince and they will like me and you. Two eagerly wait for the day.

More than a year after the marriage, though the two are not done any contraceptive, but I still don't have the good news in the course of the gut, the family's worries. Because I'm poisoned nail in they should both be subject to pressure from their parents, they found in the religious destination grandchild.

During this time I secretly take the examination at a medical facility by a dear friend. The results get really scared. I was determined not to have the possibility of paternity.

Pain, extreme boredom, heaven and Earth as fall under my feet. I can't believe I have to face the circumstances make this extractor manner.

After many nights thinking alone, I understand that I can not far from his wife because she is all, is probably alive. I do think the linkage outlined plans to help pregnant wife Buddy Guy.

After many nights thinking alone,Oh, understand that he could not far from his wife.

The birthday child, I organized at home and just invite the guy friend to attend. When I drink lots of alcohol and no longer awake is directed at my plays are performed. Despite determined thought that that was the only way to keep happy the attachment but when witnessed his wife lying in the hands of other guys, I like death by half. That image for refuge in the head and haunt me can't escape. Now has achieved the goal when his wife is pleased to announce that brings but I wouldn't be happy. Trying to make seem excited but in my lap again, visibly regretful.

Maybe I was wrong to use this way. I will have to face his wife and the child is not his blood when it was born.

The pride of man in my wake. I feel regret because I lied to my wife to do that yourself once thought would be good for both. When I plan the abdomen will confess to her all to be freed from these haunting horrible but he couldn't. These days, living in sin, are paying made me pumpkin painting.=