'I got married, pregnant, then break Yes!'

Loan to meet the birthday occasion Winning a friend. Look at Wins, in the elegant poise of black vest, she likes now. If you compare offers with the next guy with hot sun young page, you as more prominent. She too stressed the boys love the rush, but irresponsible with her lover. Hear and see so many love heart pain, underprivileged with his girl that Loan. That is why despite the age of 25, she still never love anybody. She just wanted to have a man started working classes, can protect and take care of yourself the best.

Loan deliberate approach to win. She move to sit near you, and as much happiness as you take care of her very thoughtful. Win select the clamp for the delicious food, pouring water for her. See how you take care of her, everyone teased, she just wants to be with you forever like this. The remnants of the party, Taiwan run by car please phonenumber Wins. But not for that told her to put the British Loan, when you free will proactively contact.

So mistakes when given the love for you.

Home Loan low inland, waiting for a phone call from a strange number, but waited all week and still don't see it. Patience, she intended to directly ask the number of WINS in the friend receives his phone. You go into dark coffee date last week. She agreed immediately without hesitation.

That night, her beautiful, wearing the dress really interested then stand before the mirror goes soi left her flawed something new out of the House. Thrill to the rendezvous you see you were sitting waiting for available with coffee near exhaustion. He called a li Capuchino for her, gently pull the chairs for you to sit. The more she talked, the more love Wins-man ICC, clever, mature standard.

The two continued dating and communications like course of 1 year, then the official Victory say love you. Soaked in men, she nodded to become his lover. But though a lover, Wins is still required her to keep the old rules, it is when it is needed, I will call you, and you, if you need that much then called him once, are not known. In particular, the evening you don't bother messaging me. She asked you just say the night you have to work a lot (I do graphic engineer) shouldn't need the highly concentrated. To listen lovers say so, Taiwan as sympathetic and love him more.

Much as she also stems the mistreatment at night could not communicate with her lover. Remember him, she can only see him on the phone, or texting and then remove yourself. One day, middle of the night then she intense abdominal pain. The first person she remember to hold the device., hesitant forever she dared to call for you. Hear him sharply up in the phone, her tears. So that just a moment later, saw him appear in the motel room and carry her away. Also from there, the more she loved and believed in the Win.

With the words sweet, delicious Win was quickly put up the bed. Loan mesmerized listening to the words of the road suite from England. Win promise when more stable work, he will marry her wife, to regret when given your daughter's life for you ... But just Loan talk launches, Win evasive change soon or the promises and find no excuse forgetting.

Close girlfriends room she stopped by Taiwan to win too many questionable points, can't be trusted. But she disputed phăng, you'd better like nothing, she loved him more myself, what could stop it. She trust him absolutely.

In the family, Won an extremely carefully. You also "boots" or buying drugs available for Loan. One day, he came to her in the condition you don't say. This time, the two men came together in a natural way. Taiwan also wants to have a child because she was 27 years old. She needed a warm roof. Taiwan had thought, with this child, she will make her wedding to Win right away. But she was wrong.

While she is happy to believe you Win for pregnancy has turned on right away and give her a Dipper made of cold water. Crowded cafes but sharply up, yelled at um Wins she didn't know self-defense, to conceive and newspapers do. She panicked, the small Wins, so the security people to hear. The two men sat in silence for a moment later, the Loan, ask about a new wedding. "There is, I have my wife and 2 daughters. Pregnant then, I give you the money, did go, I go right to my wife I tired! ".

She is dazed, unable to believe it. ask again then he said louder with his voice sounding: "I said I have my wife and then pregnant, had to break away, don't you understand?". Told, Win away, leaving on the table a down payment. Still, her death tall, unexpected things happen like that.That night, she cries tears of exhaustion. Call me dozens of air is, she knows only blame myself too and love him. People also see the point of your question, and you then justify to those that point to trust you more.

two days later, when she was sunk in despair, the Victory came. He cooked up porridge for her area she ate, her care at all that day. True 5 hours, when preparing to go, he told her the child wants to keep it or not, he will be responsible with it, but can't stand the name birth certificate. He still loves his wife, he is not able to take the family are happy. Listen to the words, tears long flowing back Loan. "If you agree to go sideline your life forever, does not affect his family, he will still love, take care of me?"

Friends blame the innocent wild family, Loan gặng ask about three children but she does not speak half an answer. She accepted to go next to him, does not list the parts, just to be a part of your life. Who yelled at the mine, she also suffered, the love which does not have the bug. Look at the baby grow up day by day in the belly, Taiwan has to energize your life. For her, to be continued in next to him, and the child, that is happiness.=