I have too admit the pain when worn on the hands of two wedding rings

Every time are friends and colleagues invited to their wedding is every time my feelings in interchangeably how happy sad. I cheer for them for the step into a new life. But I'm also sad for yourself because all I have on hand 2 wedding ring. Song wedding ring would also hide behind it is a sad story, a heart-rending end.

I was only 31 years old but I always wear hand 2 wedding ring. Many times, I was going to remove them out of his hands but then I again. Though, two men that the ring was in my hand. That the wedding ring worn for a lifetime. Only when I am sad and didn't want to wear again, then take off on cabinets. I never intended to sell or change because I am afraid the sad story could happen to me again.

The pain did not say the word ...

In 22 years, when had just graduated from University, I am up flowering vehicles-husband home after 2 years of love and learn. My husband then than I was 3 years old. The wedding day, he handed me my wedding ring. So, during the 4 years living with her husband, though at one point the couple quarrel and contradict each other, but never 2 we take it off.

When childbirth, though I was up 12 grieves kg but I still wear a wedding ring because the removed were not. My husband, too, never remove wedding rings out despite any reason. My husband speak, must wear a ring to the couple know abstinence. The ring must be married to look at to know that what work must also know the mature thoughts because his other half. By that, the wedding rings with the couple I very important and sacred.

Not that I remember the couple arguing. I'm angry and frustrated about the husband should remove wedding rings flew off into the box. Though my husband at his wife's dark but frustrating seeing my wife does not wear the wedding ring is worn out hastily back to his wife. Since then, the more I appreciate this wedding ring. I told myself I would never remove wedding rings out if as long as we are each other's spouses.

So that after 4 years together, my husband still suddenly dropped 2 mother I went out after an accident outside the labour market. Meanwhile, the us was only 2 years old. The day my husband died, I keep looking at his wedding ring on the hand that hurt and crying fainting. The day after that, indeed it is the really stuck with me. Wedding rings do I always remember her husband's injuries. And to my new pass difficult are the full sad like that.

My husband died, I was wrong l农i alone raising children . Fortunately, I have a stable job so the economy can still handle it. Just the mental deficiency many phen do I countering gender disparity. Time for permeability and out so and four years further back. Over 1 year for commercial single, I struggled alone, she decided my husband introduced me to a man.

Through meeting and talking, I also found him quite ripe and poise. He also married British couple song soon decided to divorce only after more than a year living because his wife discovered affair. Two people have common children bound.

More than a year together, at least have 2 times he'd worn on the hand I added 1 rings. Song I just eluded him because of the injury and the set with children, because not yet ready to go one more step. The times, he upset but still respect my decision. I will wait until I agree for a new wedding ring he wore.

Wounded and feeling affection of the British people, after more than a year to find out, I decided to proceed to the marriage with him. The day I wore for my wedding ring, I dropped tears for happiness. I am more happy than when he said, I do not need to remove the old husband's wedding ring out of hand that always wear both. By now, you know, have a wedding ring, he first had to be worn on new wedding ring into my hand.

But on the fun seems to be transient and my happiness then, too. Just married was 2 months, my new husband also suddenly caught a cold which dled. He went out in a surprise winter nights that didn't say a goodbye to me.

the 31 years I have undergone 2 life my husband. On my hand intact 2 wedding ring but the ring is a sad story, tragic outcome 1 to me. Why I hate to see the ring 2-2 memorabilia. It just gives me grief all that happy days is too short. Maybe coming over 50 on my husband, I will remove this ring 2 out and not wearing them anymore. But I'm afraid my husband 2 will not be satisfied. Has anyone removing wedding rings do not wear them?=